Bush, Rubio and Abortion

If this article from The New York Times is to be trusted, Jeb Bush’s allies are ready to launch a head-on attack against Marco Rubio, the most serious rival of the former Florida governor among the so-called serious candidates.

The super political action committee, Right to Rise, which has $100 million at its disposal, notably created an ad accusing Rubio of being too extreme in his stance on abortion. The young Florida senator has already spoken out against terminating pregnancies, even in the case of incest or rape.

According to Bush’s allies, such a position would be suicidal in a general election. However, an ad denouncing this position during the Republican primaries could well come back to haunt Right to Rise’s favorite candidate.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how Bush will behave this evening during the fourth debate of the Republican primaries for the presidency, hosted by Fox Business. Some donors, strategists and analysts believe that this debate will be his last chance.

In the meantime, Rubio’s team is ready for Bush’s attacks concerning his former protégé’s lack of experience in the Senate. This morning, the team broadcast an ad on the Internet re-iterating Bush’s praise of Rubio:

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