Republican Frankenstein

Whatever got into Chris Christie? In a swank Palm Beach setting, the bullish ex-presidential candidate introduced the Super Tuesday winner, Donald Trump, saying Trump would unite the Republican Party, then boasted that he was a reconciler.

Just the opposite is true. The party of Lincoln and Reagan, the Grand Old Party, is in total uproar over a front runner who thinks Obama is a Kenyan, brushes off an endorsement by the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, proudly quotes Mussolini and flirts with Vladimir Putin.

A billionaires’ club launches a probably counterproductive campaign to try to stop the tycoon’s victory parade at the last minute. Marco Rubio, the establishment’s last best hope, speculated that nominating Donald Trump would herald the end of the modern Republican Party and many others say it would be a gift to Hillary Clinton. How true.

Before the primary elections in Ohio and Florida, the campaign has degenerated into a civil war between the candidates. The party of “no” to the Obama agenda, the tea party movement’s hate preachers, the lethal injections provided by Fox News – they all shouldn’t wonder: They all got the candidate they deserve — their Frankenstein monster — as conservative pundit Robert Kagan called him.

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