Carter Stabbed Bakhtiar in the Back, and Obama Backstabs All Arabs!

Recently declassified American documents reveal that in 1979 Khomeini asked the Carter administration to intervene in overthrowing the shah of Iran, Shapour Bakhtiar. As a result, at the height of their communication, the Iranian army was coerced to surrender. The documents also reveal that Khomeini received almost complete American support after a decision was made about overthrowing the shah’s regime. This came just as officials from the American administration — according to an associate of the newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat — decided that establishing a bipartisan government based on the mullahs and the military was the appropriate recipe for a new system of governance in Iran. While publicly Shapour Bakhtiar had American support, matters were different in secret. This allowed American scheming to take place in Tehran, with parallel efforts in Paris to prepare Khomeini’s throne!

The reality today is similar. The same secret deals that came to pass between Washington and Tehran in 1979 are just like those happening now, except that this time they’re happening in Arab nations, specifically in Syria and Iraq. American-Iranian deals and plots are happening today in order to tear the Arab nations apart, using sectarian strife to do so.

Consider just one scene currently happening in Iraq: America claims to be against the Popular Mobilization Forces’ participation in the liberation of Fallujah, under the pretext of a claim that Washington is afraid that the Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces will attack the Sunni component of Iraq! Yet this group is not actually doing anything on the ground. Not only that, but Washington doesn’t object to the presence of the Iranian military near Fallujah!

Yesterday, informed sources confirmed to an associate of al-Sharq al-Awsat that 80 Iranian military advisers recently arrived in Iraq to partake in the fighting for Fallujah. Their goal is to support five of the dozens of factions that fight under the so-called Popular Mobilization Forces in the Fallujah fighting: the Badr Organization, Saraya Ashura, Ansar al-Marja’iyya, Ansar al-Aqeeda, and Saraya al-Jihad. These are five more groups coordinating with Iran!

Just as Carter previously stabbed Shapour Bakhtiar in the back, now Washington, with Obama’s leadership, is backstabbing Arabs through secret deals with Iran. Yet they still wonder: who created the Islamic State group in Syria, Iraq and the rest of the Arab nations!?

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