Brexit: So Many Parallels with the Anger of Trump Admirers




The neighbor from across the way is hurrying over to make an inquiry. As a volunteer campaign worker for Bernie Sanders, he normally tells political stories, but of course it is about Brexit. “So many parallels with the anger of Trump admirers,” he says. “Will that be how things are normally now?”

The news about Brexit has made it even into remote New Orleans. It is difficult to say who has had a worse day today: David Cameron, or the drunk tourist who has just fallen into the open canal construction site on Bourbon Street.

On the one hand, Great Britain is far away; on the other hand, there are historical ties and the same language, of course. And campaigner Donald Trump, who while visiting his golf course in Scotland called the decision “great” – because of the ire and of the low rate of the pound, which enticed new guests to his golf course. “A country is not a golf course,” says a reporter. * “No it’s not,” Trump replies, “but you’ll be amazed how similar it is.” Meanwhile on Facebook, Trump’s supporter Sarah Palin congratulates the “smart Brits” whose “refreshed spirit of sovereignty spread over the pond.”**

With 33 degrees [91 F] in the shade and 60 percent humidity, a stoic heating blanket has been laid over such statements. Perhaps it is just as well. In the evening the city faces other things in the bars: the discussions about the most recent violent crimes and the new names of the local baseball team. Only Pimm’s Cup, a summer cocktail also loved in England, brings the plight on the other side of the Atlantic to mind.

*Translator’s note: The original quotation, accurately translated, could not be verified.

**Translator’s note: Sarah Palin’s exact words were, “May that refreshed spirit of sovereignty spread over the pond to America’s shores.”

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