The Secret of the Iraq Inquiry



The secret is out. The American-British invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a deliberate attempt to destroy Iraq and prepare a new path for the Middle East. The deceitful invasion was founded on fabricated intelligence reports that claimed the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Even though Iraq opened its doors to the investigative committee, the committee’s report also entered into a vile game in which facts were falsified to threaten the invasion of an Arab state, to displace her people, and to eliminate of one of the strongest militaries in the region (and the world); the first line of defense to limit the danger of Iranian expansion in the region.

The government of Tony Blair submitted an official report in 2002 that confirmed Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction. One British scientist almost exposed the fact that the report was fabricated when he repudiated the scheme that would kill many innocent people; a price paid to the headstrong (Blair) and the insane (Bush). The scientist threatened to expose the conspiracy and reveal the truth about the report that was used to condemn Iraq, even though he was sure that Iraq did not have WMDs. He was found killed in his farmhouse, and with him died the truth that he wanted to announce to the world: that the reports were fabricated and Iraq didn’t have nuclear weapons. The story of this treacherous murder was related by the Egyptian intellectual Dr. Galal Amin in an article titled “On the Invasion of Iraq… and Other Tragedies,” published by Al-Ahram last Monday (18 July 2016).

These events accelerated the British-American occupation of Iraq — the tanks trampling men, the trees and palms of Mesopotamia, the bombing of the air force of an Arab homeland, and the destruction of a part of Arab civilization and history. Even the remnants of Babylon were not spared from their evil, for they have stolen what they wanted and left the rest to be looted. Over a number of years, Iraq became a breeding ground of sectarian wars and armed conflicts between clans and tribes, and the Shiite coming into conflict with the Sunnis while America supplies both with weapons in exchange for oil and food. They are killing each other while the Americans and the allies invest in the killing and destruction.

After the destruction of Malta* — as the saying goes — the Chilcot Inquiry [commonly referred to as the Iraq Inquiry] is now released, and its conclusions, leveled against those involved within Britain and abroad, condemn Blair and Bush and uncover the plot that was the cause of the occupation of Iraq. Of the report’s most important conclusions is this: The head of the British government is not prepared to take the country into other wars, even if the motive is their American ally, and especially if British national security is not threatened. And secondly, major countries governed by man are not infallible, and can make decisions that may be wrong and costly. Thus, the one making the decision is responsible — not an institution or group — and they are influenced by a mixture of both personal and political concerns.

Who is being punished for this international crime against the human rights of Iraqis — the murdered, the robbed, the displaced and the imprisoned? Who will stand up in court and demand justice in this case and hold the guilty accountable? What is the appropriate compensation the international community will impose on these two countries and their leaders? Who will restore Iraq and its government again?

*Translator’s note: This is a common Arabic idiom meaning that something beneficial happened long after it should have.

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