For Trump Are We A ‘Yoke in the Center of Europe’?

I was there and saw with my eyes this amazing 70-year-old clown and his 46-year-old plagiarist wife in the glow of the spotlights.

I heard an irrepressible crowd who furiously shouted and clapped for Trump, as small children watch a painted and funny clown in a circus.

I was there at the national convention of the Republican Party in the U.S. in Cleveland, Ohio.

I came to the convention as a representative of my country’s legislature to ask Donald Trump whether he is going to end up like Depardieu in Moscow, in case of his legitimate failure in the dirtiest election in the history of the U.S. I came to ask exactly how much does a betrayal of U.S. interests and submission to the Kremlin of Ukraine cost in conventional units. I came to congratulate those Republicans who were not afraid to defy Trump and his shortsighted support group. I came to Trump, but his promised five minutes [dedicated to a Ukrainian representative] never happened. He won’t find them in the future either if, God forbid, he becomes president of one of the richest, most powerful and well-armed countries in the world.

A month ago, before the national convention, Donald, in one of his meetings with voters, boldly and rhetorically asked:

“Why do we need Ukraine, this meaningless yoke in central Europe, which is mired in corruption and extremism?”*

Well, how can one respond to that?

The answer to this question implies at least a bright, long, and meaningful report, but Trump doesn’t need reports.

Behind all his concepts and speeches there is a political strategist of escaped President Yanukovych, Paul Manafort, and behind his contacts is a supporter of Vladimir Putin and Paige Carter.** All of this suggests the following: If this clown does really come to power, Ukraine will be virtually alone with the monster that Republicans have knowingly and accurately named the Evil Empire.

It seems that Putin is almost an idol of the elderly liberal billionaire. He is ready to hand over all U.S. national interests for the sake of the hypothetical benefits of friendship and cooperation with the Russian “Pederatcia.”***

Indeed, none of Putin’s “friends” have remained losers.

If Hillary Clinton wins and files lawsuits against Trump, Moscow will willingly provide a roof over his head and a stage before hundreds of media outlets worldwide. And his speech will be written by President Yanukovych’s favorite – Monafort.

I must say that the opposition to the establishment of the Republican Party has repeatedly attempted to derail the nomination of Donald Trump for president of the United States. The last time they tried was at the convention meeting. Unfortunately, they suffered another defeat and Trump scored almost three times more votes than Ted Cruz – 1,543 to 559. However, some famous Republicans pointedly ignored the convention due to Trump’s name in it. Organizers of the event missed famous figures such as the Bush family, Mitt Romney, John McCain and John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, who actually tolerated this pathetic convention.

This political demarche did not stop Donald Trump from becoming the official candidate of the Republicans. But it showed throughout America and even worldwide that there is even a strong opposition to this too-talkative and painted clown within the Republican Party.

A personal meeting with Gov. John Kasich confirmed that despite the rhetoric used by the Republican candidate, support of Ukraine will not be decreased, but rather increased. Ukraine will receive the promised lethal weapons despite all problems and difficulties, because even the first person [president] of the U.S. doesn’t decide everything for everybody. This is how a true democracy is built.

Leaving Cleveland, I’m thankful for the numerous Ukrainian immigrants in Ohio for moral support and comprehensive assistance provided for Ukraine – for the money, medicine and even ambulances they’ve sent during the two years of the Anti-Terrorist Operation. These people will not forgive betrayal, even those who always voted for Republicans. This time they will vote for Hillary Clinton. After all these questions raised by Donald Trump, they will not forgive anyone.

“Why should we protect Ukraine if there are other countries surrounding Ukraine which do not do anything?”*

What Ukraine will do in order to survive, we know, Mr. Trump. But what will you do to survive after these races? We will see!

*Editor’s note: These quotes, though accurately translated, could not be verified.

**Editor’s note: Viktor Yanukovych was the fourth president of Ukraine, serving from 2010 to 2014. Paul Manafort is the chairman of Donald Trump’s campaign.

***Translator’s note: “Pederatcia” is a slang word meaning “Federation” and is commonly used in Eastern Europe to describe Russia under its current government.

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