Hillary Clinton: Not as ‘Squeaky Clean’ as We Think!

Today, the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia will crown the former first lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton, the party’s candidate for the presidential election on Nov. 8. A woman, president of the United States? As long as she has the physical, intellectual and moral capacity to run the country, what’s the issue? Certainly, that’s no longer a question! In fact, who is this Mrs. Clinton who, with her BCBG and charming appearance, is hiding, according to her critics, and being a manipulative, crafty soul with no scruples? Mrs. Clinton comes with a plethora of baggage with the “Travelgate” scandal, “Hillary Care” (the first lady was put in charge of reforming the American health care system by her husband Bill Clinton, even though she was in no way qualified to do so), the Whitewater investigation, Chinagate … just to name a few (the most tremendous ones). In her country, Mrs. Clinton is actually at the center of five FBI investigations. As Barack Obama’s secretary of state, Hillary Clinton was wrong across the board, namely in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Let’s also note that Senator Clinton was one of the rare Democrats to approve the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The Democratic candidate has a singularly controversial personality, to say the least. The question then becomes evident: Is Hillary Clinton the man for the situation in a fragile world when the Cold War is coming back in big strides? While the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, a very colorful character who is brutal and devoid of this polish, acts like a great political leader but offers no guarantees – he promises, inter alia, to close the door of the United States to Muslims – or inspiration, his Democratic alter ego, Hillary Clinton, it turns out, is not any more reassuring. If Trump is devoid of civilized polish, Mrs. Clinton, who is his opposite – impeccable and polished, with her alluring and deceptive smile – could have been the perfect candidate. Is she that way in reality? We seriously doubt it! Especially since everything that is said about her does not do much in the way of reassurance. If she is elected, it won’t be long before the “disaster” hits. International opinion was duped in 2008 by Barack Obama’s freshness and “real talk” – which had such just and sincere statements about Palestinians – but he then revealed himself to be the worst U.S. president by recanting what he believed in and letting himself be indoctrinated by Zionist lobbyists. In the end – at least from our point of view – the position held by the highest-level leader of the first world power on the issues and cases of our times is the one that hold the most value. However, what can we expect from Mrs. Clinton if she is elected to the White House? Not much! On the Palestinian issues, she is more frank that Mr. Obama. We had already noticed and mentioned it during her peregrination between the Israelis and the Palestinians, even while she was in charge of U.S. diplomacy. She especially made sure to never make the Zionist entity uncomfortable. After some reflection, we remember that Mrs. Clinton was not always like this. Then first lady of the United States, at the time when her husband, President Bill Clinton, was leading negotiations at Camp David (with the late President Yasser Arafat and the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak) Hillary Clinton said good things about the Palestinians, before suddenly changing her position. It’s strange, these American leaders who renounce their beliefs as soon as they confront Israel. In one of the emails recently declassified by the Department of State – after the outcry provoked by Mrs. Clinton’s use a private email server when she was chief diplomat – Hillary Clinton wrote, mincing no words, “The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.” Mrs. Clinton, chief diplomat, recommended nothing less than the destruction of Syria, because it was in Israel’s “best interest.” The WikiLeaks publication, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, of a batch of 20,000 email exchanges between leaders of the Democratic Party, was successful in demonstrating what a can of worms modern “democracies” can be. Does a choice really exist between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Between the plague and cholera?

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