Increase in Hate Crimes against Muslims in the US

The increasing number of hate crimes against Muslims in the U.S. has created fear and dread in the Muslim community. The other day a sad incident took place in Chicago’s West Roger Park, when an American woman directed violence and filthy verbal abuse against a burqa–clad Muslim mother and daughter. In another incident, the administration of a New York school forced a 12-year-old special needs Muslim student, Nashwan Uppal, to concede that he was a terrorist—leading to the filing of a defamation suit by his Pakistani family.

When incidents occur in a developed country such as the U.S., which claims to be a champion of human rights, in which inhumane treatment is meted out to individuals simply on the basis of their religious affiliation or skin color, it is certainly a matter of alarm.

A report regarding incidents of violence against Muslims in the U.S., issued by Georgetown University’s Center for Muslim Christian Understanding, indicates that such incidents have increased in the course of the 2016 presidential campaign. This increase can be linked to speeches from the presidential nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, toward the end of 2015, in which he called for restricting admission of Muslims into the United States. Later, further hatred was fueled against Muslims with regard to the admission of Syrian refugees into the United States.

It would not be wrong to regard all these anti-Muslim incidents as the effect of Trump’s emotional, hate-fostering and irresponsible speeches against Muslims. The above mentioned report mentions 180 incidents occurring between March 2015 and March 2016, in which hate and violence were directed against the Muslim community. This growing trend of Islamophobia must be stemmed and prevented.

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  1. Nothing would be more foolish than to think Hillary Clinton’s ” identity politics ” is an anti-dote to Trump’s Islamophobic rhetoric. The root of Islamophobia is not individual reactionary politicians but our New Colonialism in the Middle East-the collective agenda of the U.S. ruling class.
    In just a few weeks the Hillary Democrats have evolved into a neo-con War Party. Do you think an expanded war in the Middle East – under the leadership of Hillary The Hawk- will reduce incidents of Islamophobia in America ?
    A lot of this ” hate ” was sparked by the Iraq War – which Hillary supported. Not for nothing Russia’s Vladimir Putin sees ” Wall St. Hillary ” as the face of World War III.
    What a difference her ” more love and kindness ” makes .
    Never Hillary !

    • A lot of this “hate” as you call it was sparked by nine eleven, and even at that the blowback against Muslims was initially relatively mild. I’ve never seen people lynching Muslims in the town square, or hanging their burnt corpses from a bridge (Fallujah) yet one could actually come away with that impression when they hear the outlandish yarns being spun about supposed Muslim victimization in America. Muslim victimization is a figment of their imagination. When was the last Muslim kidnapped and beheaded? when was the last car bomb detonated in front of a mosque in America? ? Huh? Well? Never has happened yet, has it? Two Muslims were savagely gunned down in North Carolina in a fight over a parking space. One Muslim Imam was recently gunned down by a lunatic, no proof islamophobia was a factor said the police, but that don’t matter to those calling for the killer to be charged with a hate crime. Why don’t we charge terrorists with Hate crimes? I don’t shirk from pointing out incidences of violence against Muslims, but I do insist on viewing these incidences within their proper perspective and context when compared with the overabundance of violence committed against Non Muslims.

  2. Ugh! Always misrepresenting the truth to advance an agenda. There is no spike in violence toward Muslims in America, if anyone says there is he’s a reprobate liar! There has actually has been a significant uptick in violence carried out by Muslims in the west over the last couple of years, I only mention Orlando, San Bernardino, Nice, Paris, Charlie Hebdo. Hebdo pisses me off because Muslims claimed that Hebdo insulted ALL Muslims with their cartoons, yet when a Muslim goes Jihadi and kills a bunch of non Muslims???? OH! “Don’t you dare judge us Muslims as if we were all ONE, We’re only all ONE whenever you insult us, capisce, infidel?”

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