Donald Trump: The Indomitable Candidate

Trump fails whenever he tries to focus on topics instead of just polemics.

Donald Trump’s bad mood is exemplified by many things: by the worsening poll numbers; by the foot that finds his mouth with ever greater accuracy; or by the steadily growing numbers of critics in his own party who are no longer willing to support an erratic candidate who apparently can not be controlled.

The plight became even more obvious when Trump tried to minimize the damage. Even being on his best behavior during his foreign policy speech on Monday, when he actually read what the teleprompter showed him, was not enough to repair his stricken campaign. Rather, it demonstrated that Trump even fails whenever he tries to focus on topics instead of mere polemics.

Trump’s most recent collection of muddled thoughts reveals two things: his obsession with banning Muslims from the United States, and the fact that he lacks solutions to concrete problems. In fact, he spent the first half of his speech blaming Barack Obama for the rise of the Islamic State. He used the second half of his speech to imitate the same person’s strategy against the Islamic State group. He would fight them militarily, ideologically, and financially alongside international partners. Parts of Trump’s speech were unoriginal, and parts were inflammatory as usual, but overall it spoke once more to his political ignorance.

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