Open Your Eyes Hillary: The Strange Glasses and Epilepsy Rumors

On the eve of the first debate with Donald Trump, the Democratic candidate’s health is still uncertain.

Dizziness, falls, loss of limbs control, fainting, seizures. Which world leader suffered these symptoms? Julius Caesar, the biggest figure of ancient Rome. His evil was retrospectively diagnosed as epilepsy, based on Suetoniu’s and Plutarch’s historic reports, which mentioned “attacks” (contemporary neurologists defend the thesis of small brain hemorrhages).

Remote diagnostics, made by amateurs or professionals, have also spread since Hillary Clinton didn’t feel well, fainting or something similar on September 11. Filmed at a distance, she seemed to have fainted, or at least lost muscle control.

Hillary’s representatives tried to explain it, talking about “dehydration “and “heat stroke.” An hour later we received the official announcement that she had pneumonia. People were already talking, and before her campaign was able to change the tone of events, Clinton did not return to the battle, even after her doctor, Lisa Bardack, released a more detailed assessment.

All of Hillary’s moves on that day were examined by different lenses. One of them, literally, was about the oval sunglasses that she was wearing. Instead of a normal reaction, understandable by any woman (“I don’t look great today so I will hide behind my sunglasses”), they were identified as a special Zeiss Z1 blue lenses model.

Rarely used, these lenses made by the legendary factory of the former East Germany, are prescribed for people who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. The strong blue tone, called Z1, filters the wavelengths of visible light – also known as color – eliminating the ones that can trigger attacks on people who suffer from this type of epilepsy, better known by the cases triggered by certain videogames.

This seems crazy and it possibly is. But theories like this are increasing, if not by the speed of light, by the rhythm fuelled by the Internet and by the proximity of the first debate between Hillary and Donald Trump.

Apart from the usual conspiracy theories, the only source relatively respected regarding the strange glasses – and its breathtaking meaning — was the American Thinker. The site also posts curious information about the statement by Clinton’s doctor, some of them already raised by doctors who dislike her.

You can’t believe in “right” medicine – or “left” -, but it is true that Dr. Bardack has mentioned Hillary suffered from thrombosis three times. The most serious was in a vein that goes through the brain membranes. The thrombus was treated with “anticoagulant to dissolve” the clot. The medicine mentioned, Coumadin, doesn’t dissolve clots and it’s not usually the first option for specialists.

The speculations, from the most absurd to the comparatively more reasonable, are always connected to health problems that started, or are consequence to the most serious medical episode of Hillary’s public history. She suffered a fall, at home, in December 2012. She had a concussion – meaning she hit her head, without having the automatic reaction of protecting herself with her arms. Following that she was diagnosed with cerebral clot (or the rare venous thrombosis in transverse sinus), which was treated with medication and rest. She left the hospital wearing glasses with Fresnel prisms, to correct the double vision caused by the incident. Now, other glasses with strange name have come to light.

In order to face Trump in tonight’s debate, Hillary needs to display not only good arguments, which she is obviously very good at, but also show she is in good shape. In an analogy with Caesar’s wife, she needs to not only be healthy but also look healthy.

Just to remind you: the woman in question was Pompeii. She was caught with a young man from the Roman elite at a religious festivity, where only women could participate. Caesar divorced her and, in between epilepsy episodes, carried on with his career until he was assassinated in the plot of the senators.

The dice on this American presidential campaign are thrown every day. And Donald Trump used to own a casino.

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