The Reign of Trump the Peacock

Sound the trumpets, the kingdom is great again: The great blond peacock has been elected! Contrary to the bawling or squawking of other peacocks, the great blond peacock chirps frantically. Since his coronation, he has chosen the falcon to defend the kingdom and has put the vulture in charge of internal security. As for the rat, he’ll be responsible for cleanliness and hygiene, both of which he has mastered perfectly. The wolf has agreed to take care of farming and agriculture, while diplomacy has been trusted to the hyena, and education to the birdbrains. The beaver, having supported the peacock throughout his campaign, has been tasked with the preservation of forests and greenery; he’s already delighted. Sound the trumpets, the chirping peacock has promised that this is how he will make the kingdom great and strong once more!

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