The Lies of the Israel Media in America

I was on my way to Lebanon, then the Gulf, and decided to take a look at the Jewish-American media that support Israeli terrorism. I read and read and found that the gang of war and evil turns black into white as they defend the crime known as Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel – not the Jews’ Israel, since a majority of them are moderate.

Commentary magazine published a review of Samuel Goldman’s book, “God’s Country, Christian Zionism in America” (“of course it is not God’s country, and God is innocent of all the country’s evils.”)

I read that John Adams, the first American vice president, and the second American president, sent a letter to the Zionist Mordecai Manuel Noah in 1816, hoping to see the Jews form an independent country in “Judea” (part of occupied Palestine). This was 200 years ago. Recently, Vice President Mike Pence went to Israel and gave a speech to the Knesset where he expressed the position of many evangelical Christians who consider Israel − as he referred to it − “a miracle calling for respect,” as he referred to it.*

I went through this article and another article in the same magazine discussing Donald Trump’s relationship with Israel. It mentions that the president did not support Israel throughout his presidential campaign, but solidified the relationship afterward. Trump says that isolationism, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism go hand in hand.

The magazine included another review of a book entitled “In the Enemy’s House” written about Robert Lamphere, a former FBI agent and about the work of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Judith Coplon from the United States, Soviet spies.** The writer is Jewish American as were the spies.

Of course there were other articles defending Trump. I went to the National Review and before me was an article written by Joshua Muravchik, for whom I have nothing but contempt. The article was entitled “Liberal Democracy vs. Illiberalism, in Orban’s Hungary and Elsewhere.” The writer cites Freedom House, which includes Jewish supporters of Israel, saying that “the number of countries registering losses of freedom − a whopping 71 in all − is more than double the number in which freedom grew.” I did not read the article about Israel and Arab nations. I say that the Israel of Netanyahu is an expansive terrorist and criminal nation in the land of Palestine and the occupying army kills children with their families.

There was another article entitled “Russia Collusion: Democrats, Obama, Hillary Clinton,” the title referring to the credible accusation that the Russians conspired with some of the staff members in Trump’s campaign and with Republicans in order to win the election. Of course, the Russians have audio and video of Trump with Miss Universe beauty queens in Russia, so they can’t deny that Trump had a relationship with Russia.*** I don’t know if anyone believed the article, for the Russians worked to take down Clinton and succeeded in imposing their candidate, Trump, on Americans.

Another article in the National Review speaks of Russian interference in the presidential election, and says that Americans were naive to believe what they heard. There was also an article entitled “An Enemies List Is Not a Philosophy,” written by Kevin Williamson and in the article he leans on Jonah Goldberg, who speaks of the “moral equivalent of war,” which is what he calls liberal policy.

Since I am writing about the Israel gang, I can’t forget the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and its annual conference on March 4-6. It includes speakers from the center and the left. I’d say that AIPAC is able to attract speakers just by pointing fingers, even as Israel continues to build settlements in the land of occupied Palestine or opposes the nuclear deal with Iran or continues killing families in the Gaza strip.

AIPAC offers blind support to Israel and is silent on Israel’s crimes. The war criminal Netanyahu previously spoke at one of their annual conferences, and will speak at the conference this year. He now faces accusations of corruption and bribery and I don’t know how he will survive them. I read an article saying that AIPAC will continue to support Netanyahu. He denies everything despite the evidence and believes that there is a conspiracy against him. I say rather he has conspired against the Palestinians.

*Translator’s note: The actual quoted remark was as follows: “The miracle of Israel is an inspiration to the world.”

**Translator’s note: The author is referring to the book “In the Enemy’s House – The Secret Saga of the FBI Agent and the Code Breaker Who Caught the Russian Spies,” by Howard Blum.

***Editor’s note: The author is likely referring to Trump’s 2013 trip to Russia for the Miss Universe competition.

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