Playing with a Grenade

The cheerful message from President Donald Trump to Russia – in which he suggested that we get ready for “nice and new and ‘smart” American rockets – quite frankly, frightens one with its demonstrative light-mindedness.

It is truly scary when you understand who is in charge of what is historically the largest military arsenal on the planet. Moreover, readiness to use missiles based on absolutely fake evidence is a reason for a serious conversation in the U.N. Security Council and in all other international venues.

These people who call the Syrian president an “animal” are themselves more reminiscent of a famous animal character with a grenade in its hands who is incapable of understanding the consequences of its actions. Besides that, we are talking about an attack on a sovereign state, and this is an act that falls under the generally accepted definition of aggression. Even U.S. allies, including Great Britain, which have been quietly and deliberatively handling evidence, at some point have slowed down, realizing the consequences of a missile attack based on such dubious and unintelligible evidence as a “staged event” by the White Helmets in Syria.*

However, Washington was not disturbed by this fact, creating suspicion that the attack is the real reason, not a consequence of events in Syria: the United States needs a triumphal “comeback” in Syria, and this chemical attack came in handy. This chemical attack was absolutely pointless for Damascus, but very convenient for terrorists and Washington.

The most dangerous part of it is that there is no reliable party with whom you can discuss the idea of not taking any fateful steps. The “comedian” Trump with his “smart” rockets and his war-hawk adviser John Bolton are definitely not the kind of people who portray sound judgment when it comes to playing with a “grenade.”

*Translator’s note: The White Helmets, officially known as Syria Civil Defense, is a volunteer organization that operates in parts of rebel-controlled Syria and in Turkey. The author is referring to the statement of Russia’s ambassador to the European Union who claimed the latest deadly chemical attack in Syria was a “staged event” by provocateurs working with the White Helmets.

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