Trump Humiliated

On Saturday, I watched the television coverage of Senator John McCain’s funeral service and I understood why I’ve always liked America; not Trump’s America, but Obama’s America, Clinton’s America and Bush’s America (now, anyway.) These three former presidents were there, deserving, defending the honor and the reputation of the United States. Admittedly, they acknowledged, not without a certain amount of humor, that McCain wasn’t perfect, and neither were they, but that the Arizona senator had helped them become better people and better presidents. It was nice to hear and it wasn’t too soppy either.

McCain, who choreographed his own send-off to exclude Trump, undoubtedly wanted to demonstrate that the United States would remain a great country, founded on the respect of the laws, honor, and the equal dignity of all its inhabitants. The speeches targeted and criticized, on a number of fronts, Trump’s fashion of devising and constructing politics. According to them, America deserved better. During the national funeral service, Trump was playing golf. Trump, a small petty man and McCain’s polar opposite. This is undoubtedly how history will judge him.

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