Elite US Propaganda: Being a ‘Brother’ to Dragnea for Money

Yesterday evening, when I found out that the famous New York City prosecutor and mayor Rudolph Giuliani admitted he had received money for signing the letter in which he indirectly defended Liviu Dragnea and his criminal gang, which is now fighting with the “parallel state” in Romania, and because of which, PSD+ALDE cannot, supposedly, implement their fanciful government program, I had almost entirely finished writing this opinion.* This morning, when I returned to my computer to add a conclusion and write the final sentence, I was tempted to change the headline of this article, thinking that Donald Trump’s famous personal lawyer was being frank and admitted that he earns money in ways only he knows do not stink.

The impact of the letter was supposed to help Dragnea save his tarnished stained honor (tarnished by the “parallel state” and its “unjust” justice, of course), especially since the above-mentioned “opinion makers” have fewer and fewer resources for inventiveness and credibility which they have used to manipulate a captive portion of the electorate for years.** We all know which electorate that is: the one consisting of voters who voted with their stomachs in December 2016, that is, the 18 percent on which the governing PSD + ALDE coalition is based. This explains the grotesque performance of Antena 3 and România TV all afternoon and Monday night through Tuesday, and which would have continued without a break for the next few days if Giuliani’s bomb had not exploded. Thus, it is now clear what the lie about America’s support for urgent amnesty and pardon in Romania was all about and what it has shown us in all its hideousness: it was meant to support Dragnea, Darius Vâlcov and other criminals from all political groups.

It’s not U.S. representatives who have come to support the criminals in Romania, but certain individuals there who worship the one symbol they adore: the dollar. It was the second time within a week that truth triumphed over lies (spread by Dragnea and his team), after the ludicrous assassination attempt on the same party and the government’s puppeteer. Even Dragnea’s opponent, Călin Constantin Anton Popescu Tăriceanu, is amused with Dragnea’s obsession to control everything. The reason for this failure of credibility is one that has not been taken into account: in their stupidity (and meanness), these politicians are wrong when they take those who have not voted for them as fools. After so many sensational revelations in the last few months – which did not stop television crews from running breaking news about nothing – there was repeated public comment suggesting that the laws governing the selection of candidates for eligible political positions and appointment to public technical posts should also include a legal requirement: a compulsory psychiatric medical check on the actual health of the candidates.

That would be just like the checks required before being given weapons to defend the country and ensure internal public order and safety if necessary, or to obtain a driver’s license for all kinds of transportation including automobiles, railroads, naval vessels and aircraft. And that’s because the cases in which there has been deviation from normal political behavior have been multiplying and have become alarming. As far as Dragnea is concerned, things seem to be more than alarming. He doesn’t just refer to statements, opinions or analyses; he threatens. His decisions now could have serious consequences on politics, the economy, the judiciary system and society in general. It is becoming increasingly clear that his behavior is unwise and self-destructive. While some of his closest people look at him ecstatically, others are dismayed and unsure of what will happen next. His party behaves like an amorphous mass of 800,000 people that do not hear or see anything, have no reaction at all … and yet, Dragnea’s serious political illness can only be cured by his party. Only the party knows what the “appropriate” treatment is.

P.S. I did not want to end this commentary without expressing my opinion about the intervention of Foreign Minister Theodor Meleşcanu with regard to Giuliani’s letter and the routine response of George Major, Romania’s ambassador to the U.S. This reminded me of what Meleşcanu was thinking in the bloody days of December 1989. While he was in Vienna and being asked about what was happening in Timişoara and other cities in Romania, he said that his country was quiet and peaceful. The perception of this gentleman, who has been indoctrinated since his youth with the “red” ideology, is that on Aug. 10, 2018, the Romanian Diaspora protest in Bucharest was “peaceful and quiet.”

*Editor’s note: Liviu Dragnea is a Romanian engineer and politician, and leader of the Social Democratic Party. PSD+ALDE is the coalition government in Romania. PSD stands for Social Democratic Party, and ALDE stands for Alliance of Liberals and Democrats.

**Editor’s note: According to The New York Times, pro-government demonstrators in Bucharest have protested what they call a “parallel state” in Romania that they say perverts the rule of law with the aid of the president and the chief anti-corruption prosecutor.

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