Tremble! Women Are Coming!

Feminist anger is about to overturn the U.S. and the world.

While in New York, our prime minister will have some rest from the barrage coming from Member of Parliament Korneliya Ninova. However, he needs to be very careful with American women − the situation is frightening! Especially if you are a man. If you have dared to look at a woman in an ambiguous way, she might accuse you on television of being a sexist, and you are finished.

Every murderer is innocent until proven otherwise, but the sexist is guilty without the right to prove otherwise. Dozens of prominent American men − politicians, TV broadcasters, business leaders, actors, producers and others in similar social positions have already fallen victim to female anger. Some of the men have really taken advantage of females in an inappropriate way and deserve the consequences, but others deny it and there is no evidence. Male sexism is to blame for Serena Williams losing the match!

The situation is frightening. A programmer working for Google simply wrote a report that women choose technical professions less frequently. Which is a fact, but this is of no importance; he is unemployed now. Imagine that after a long and brilliant career you are on the verge of the highest-level position in your life. And out of the blue some woman anonymously reports that as a teenager some 100 years ago you groped her at some party. And this is the end − your entire career is finished!

This is exactly what is happening at the moment with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who already has one foot in that position, but the Democrats in the Senate are clinging to his other foot and are not letting go. Their last trump card is an anonymous letter sent by a woman to Sen. Dianne Feinstein stating that 36 years ago Kavanaugh groped her crudely during some party and was very close to raping her. She was 15 at the time, and he was 17. After two or three days, the woman revealed her identity and she turned out to be Christine Ford, a professor of psychology, a teacher, a feminist and a genderist. Why didn’t she complain about this earlier? Because this encounter was so traumatic that it was erased from her memory. Six years ago, she went to a psychotherapist and thanks to her sessions with him the terrible event resurfaced. Initially, she couldn’t remember the name of the perpetrator, but when she saw Kavanaugh on television this summer, she immediately recognized him.

The simple person may believe that she is making a fool of herself, but for a Freudian, there is nothing more natural and normal than that. Sigmund Freud helped his patients to remember traumatic events relegated to their subconscious, and very often it turned out that they were raped as children. Sometimes by their father. And the fact that they had forgotten about it acted as a protective mechanism. But later in his career, Freud concluded that these memories were usually pure fantasies, instilled either by the methods of therapy, or by something the patient heard. “At the time,” he wrote, “I still overestimated reality and underestimated fantasy.”

I apologize to psychologists for this ignorant presentation, but they themselves are well aware that when a female psychologist lies on the couch of a psychoanalyst, the chance of psycho-fantasies springing to life is close to 100 percent. Especially now, when U.S. feminists are mobilized in a sacred war against Trump, and along with him, the whole male community.

How did we get to this male witch hunt? The culprit is the evolution of political ideas. In recent decades, the Democrats in the U.S. (and the Social Democrats in Europe) have abandoned the material interests of the common people and replaced them with “identity politics,” militant validation of differences such as race, sex, sexual orientation and so forth. And according to the method of exclusion, there is only one universal culprit for all the trouble in this world − the white Christian man, who is not of the same sex. It is only he who afflicts these various identity groups.

When Hillary Clinton was nominated as candidate for president, she placed the cause of women at the center of her campaign. A woman as the head of the world − this would be a triumph for feminism! Those who didn’t vote for Hillary would burn in hell! Her campaign gambled everything on the fact that Trump behaved like a complete slob with women, which is a fact, and has never been a secret. It appears that the common people were more interested in other issues and problems, and feminism was not their top priority. And when Trump won after all, feminist anger erupted like a volcano and fell on the head of the white man, this treacherous sexist, who thwarted the female kingdom. To the millions of women demonstrators gathered in Washington soon after Trump was inaugurated as president, Madonna yelled that she wanted to blow up the White House.

The entire male Hollywood elite stood behind her, but very soon they found themselves to be sitting ducks. Having gained momentum, one famous woman after another began to expose those who assaulted them in the past. Others avenged those who did not assault them. And so the whole dream factory caught fire. I told you that the situation is frightening!

But let’s go back to Kavanaugh. Who knows, perhaps he really psychologically traumatized the 15-year-old teenage girl 36 years ago. Or this could be pure fiction. The political stakes are so high that the Democrats are ready to do anything to thwart or at least postpone Kavanaugh’s confirmation. If Kavanaugh becomes a justice on the United States Supreme Court, the Republicans will ensure a 5-4 majority for at least the next 20 to 30 years. As is well known, the Supreme Court has great power; it can block an entire governmental policy and the most important laws. Since 1985, the power of the Supreme Court has been invariably in the hands of the Republicans, and this is one of the reasons for the victorious course of neoliberalism in the United States, and from there, all around the world.

On top of all that, if Kavanaugh is confirmed, he could save Trump from impeachment. There are several stages in the investigation of the president, which could eventually reach the Supreme Court. But there is hope. According to the latest polls, the Democrats have a chance to win a majority in the Senate in the November midterms. And as we all know, it is precisely the Senate that confirms Supreme Court justices nominated by the president. So if the vote for Kavanaugh is postponed for only two months, perhaps the Republicans will never be able to confirm either him or any other right-wing judge, and history will steer to the left.

That is why the Democrats probably have the right to use any means they wish. As a person with a moderate leftist understanding, I sympathize with them. But as a man, I am slightly panicked. What if Trump gets impeached next year, and in 2020 Hillary is back on a white horse in the White House as the female messiah? Then the male witch hunt will spread to the whole democratic world, and it is well known that we here in Bulgaria always overdo it. So the situation is frightening!

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