Tension in the White House

President Donald Trump looks to make decisions that he can easily sell to his base, while at the same time, Robert Mueller’s investigation spreads to include more and more people.

Ironically, during the festival of peace, the power struggle in the White House is growing. President Donald Trump is going to extremes to force financing of the wall planned with Mexico. One after another, federal offices are closing; thousands of employees are being sent home on unpaid Christmas leave, even though there have been fewer illegal crossings at the border than in past years.

Even more consequential is the hasty withdrawal of U.S. soldiers from Syria and the planned troop reduction in Afghanistan. Knowing that, of all things, Russia and the regime in Iran number among those to profit from his knee-jerk reaction, Trump is looking to make decisions that he can easily sell to his base.

A deep motive is hidden behind all of this: The investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is moving increasingly close to the White House. There are growing indications that the investigation could soon direct its attention to Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, especially considering that, just like Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, former campaign manager Paul Manafort has been sentenced to a prison term.

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