Donald – Home Alone

U.S. President Donald Trump shuts out his cabinet with his spontaneous decisions and is losing touch with reality. He poses a danger.

President Donald Trump canceled his Christmas vacation in his luxury resort Mar-a-Lago. He has to stay in Washington and see about keeping his head above water. His obstinate insistence on demanding $5 billion from Congress for a wall on the border with Mexico has brought the government to a stop.

As long as Congress does not approve an interim budget, visitors to federal museums and national parks during the Christmas season will be standing in front of closed doors. This is Trump’s fault: at the last moment, he put the kibosh on a compromise between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate that would have avoided a government shutdown. Without consideration for the party supporting him, he alone is determining what will happen. Apparently, spontaneous decisions are increasingly becoming a trademark for Trump – consider his decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

In this way, he is shutting out the members of his cabinet in increasingly short intervals. Attorney General Jeff Sessions went. Chief of Staff John Kelly willingly stepped down, Secretary of Defense James Mattis dashed off in annoyance, and with him, diplomat Brett McGurk, who had helped determine U.S. strategy in Iraq and Syria since 2004, and most recently held the anti-Islamic State coalition together. Withdrawing from Syria now is reckless, McGurk told the press recently.

At the same time, the Justice Department is increasingly tightening the noose on Trump’s former campaign team. Trump doesn’t want to know anything about that. He tweeted that he doesn’t understand why “Fake News” is not celebrating him for bringing the troops home. And this McGurk, he doesn’t even know who he is.

One generally calls something like this the loss of a sense of reality. Several polls attest that a majority of Republican voters also no longer believe what Trump says and tweets. That is dangerous for him. Such a president is also dangerous for the U.S. and the world.

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