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In his obsession with the wall, Donald Trump does not seem to care about hassling the people.

No one is forbidden from having fixed ideas as long as they do not cause harm to others. Donald Trump’s obsession with building a wall along the entire border of Mexico falls into this damaging category: It has already caused problems to millions of Americans and it may cause even more problems soon.

By insisting on ensuring budget resources for the construction, the president of the United States clashed with Congress at the end of 2018. The result was failure to approve specific bills to fund public agencies. When this happens, there is a shutdown, which is the partial suspension of federal services due to lack of funding.

Approximately 800,000 employees were left without salaries, parks were closed and hundreds of flights were canceled, among other consequences. Last Friday (Jan. 25), Trump agreed to sign a bill that provides financing for a portion of the federal agencies until Feb. 15.

After 35 days, the longest shutdown of its kind in the country’s history ended.

However, the president’s desire to see one of his main campaign promises fulfilled is not over. According to the Republican leader, there will be a new shutdown without what he calls a “fair deal” with the legislative branch. Democrats, who are again in control of the House of Representatives, are opposed to giving money to the border barrier.

If his desire is not fulfilled, the president threatens to use his prerogative to declare a national security emergency, which would bypass the need for congressional approval. But the provision would surely arouse controversy due to the use of an extraordinary expedient for this matter and it would inevitably be challenged in court.

If the wall was a comprehensive solution to contain the illegal influx of people and merchandise, Trump’s obstinacy in getting $5.7 billion for the endeavor would be justifiable.

This is not the case. Experts say that the installation of the wall would face many technical difficulties, such as adverse terrain conditions at many points along the border. It would be more useful to invest in monitoring technology and to strengthen the contingent of police patrols.

In this scenario, Trump’s immaturity in public administration becomes evident. There is a noticeable inability to partake in dialogue when the situation is not convenient for him.

The threat of forcing another shutdown only emphasizes the selfish behavior of someone who does not seem to care about the hassles caused to the population due to his tantrum over his favorite toy.

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