‘China Threat Theory’ Reveals Degree of Distortion in American System

The U.S. is facing serious threats from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, as well as other countries, according to American officials, including senators, whose continuous dissemination of this type of message is an attempt to hammer this impression into people’s minds. At the Senate Intelligence Committee’s annual hearing on global threats, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats alleged that these four countries are increasingly infiltrating the United States ideologically through the internet and destroying critical infrastructure in the United States.

Coats also expressed concern about the expanding cooperation between China and Russia, saying that China and Russia are eroding existing norms in an attempt to reshape the international setup and exacerbate the risk of regional conflicts.

On the same day, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense James Anderson declared that the United States has serious concerns about the threat of China’s Increasingly powerful missiles, especially Chinese high supersonic technology, and said that the United States has already started to enhance the arrangement of regional defense. In addition, on Jan. 29, Jim Inhofe, chairman of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee, charged that China’s ongoing military buildup on islands in the South China Sea is akin to “preparing for World War III.”

The United States is the most powerful country in the world, but at the same time, it is the Western country that has shouted the most about being threatened and infiltrated. This defies common sense and only makes people believe that the United States is quite neurotic about its own safety. We cannot speak for other countries, but we can firmly tell Washington that the possibility of the United States being attacked by China is much smaller than the chance of it being hit by a devastating asteroid. If the United States believes that it would be a waste of money to build a system that intercepts asteroids, the idea of preventing China’s missiles is even more ridiculous.

Chinese people that hear the words of the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman about the Chinese buildup on islands in the South China Sea looking like preparation for World War III are laughing and crying at the same time. The chairman seems like someone that has become an aggressive online warrior. We cannot believe that such people can serve as chairmen of the Senate Armed Services Committee. It appears that this committee’s purpose is to fool the American people.

During the last century or so, Chinese people liked the United States, and Chinese society was impressed by American science and democratic rule. However, in recent years, along with increasingly expanded contact and conflict between China and the United States, we clearly see more anti-scientific language and extremism in the United States that is turning democracy populist. Is this America the country that we admired when we began to implement our policy of reform and opening up? Why is the United States dealing with so much crap that it makes us blush and look away?

It is very understandable that the United States is concerned about China’s growing strength. However, it would be inconceivable if these concerns became hysterical fantasies but were still considered appropriate means of misleading many among the American elite about China. All this is the opposite of science and rationalism and the opposite of democracy. We have to say that the “China threat theory” in the United States has started to become cult-like.

In recent years, the Chinese have been shocked by the many accusations coming from the United States. The Confucius Institute has been described as an institute engaged in infiltrating the United States, Huawei has been accused of being a spy agency used by the Chinese government, and the entire group of Chinese students is suspected of being involved in espionage. Much of this nonsense comes from American lawmakers, intelligence officials and even cabinet members. The United States has contributed countless inventions and creative talent to the world, but surprisingly, there is still so much political and ideological junk in this country.

This leads us to believe that American-style democracy specializes in producing extreme slogans asserting that if you do not agree, you will be overtaken by people that are sharper than you are. The committee chairman claimed that China’s actions were like “preparing for World War III,” and the remark made headlines and grabbed the public’s attention.

Have all American elites collectively forgotten something so logical? Wouldn’t it be self-destructive to attack the United States, which has an extremely powerful military? If even the United States is afraid to attack countries that are weaker than it is but have nuclear weapons, what would make these countries dare to attack the United States?

The idea of a missile defense system against China is not only technically arrogant but also politically and strategically illogical. The American people should consider which is easier to achieve: to technically ensure that the United States is completely safe or to ease tensions with countries it sees as rivals to avoid military conflict.

We suspect that the American system is not leading the country to do what it should do but rather to do things that appear exciting and would influence voters. The “China Threat Theory” is a stunt and a growing hoax driven by the interests of many among the American elite. The size of this hoax is actually a measure of how the American system has become distorted and deviated from seeking the truth based on fact.

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