America Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty over Golan Heights

The U.S. decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem and move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, in addition to the country’s decision recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, has had deep repercussions on the global, regional and Arab levels. Such a decision carries an array of dangerous and widespread consequences affecting the whole world because the U.S. is the biggest and mightiest country today, which makes its decision more significant than if such a decision had been made by any other, less significant country.

The decision deliberately undermines the U.N., its institutions and its charter, as well as the international community and the international resolutions commission, serving as an insult to human rationality and norms and an insult to justice and the international law that is being taught to millions of students across the different universities around the world.

Today we are confronted by a moment of awakening, an awakening that makes a difference across the world’s 191 countries regarding the principles upon which the U.N. charter was based. These do not recognize the Israeli occupation or use of force in stealing the lands of others using illegitimate oppression to gain rights, and they also mention the importance of removing traces of occupation and the return of the deportees to the countries out of which they were violently thrown, without any justice.

Arab youth will realize that the long waiting game for peaceful solutions has been nothing but fantasy; that the peace treaties were nothing but ink on paper; that the decision by the U.N. has gone to waste; that one of the biggest scams in history launched the final solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict; and that it was only buying time, distorting awareness and misleading the global public as the issues of Jerusalem, Golan, settlements, withdrawal, borders and water had been predetermined between Donald Trump and the rotten Benjamin Netanyahu in favor of Israel.

Arab youth should be aware of the fact that Israel’s military and scientific strength is nothing but a myth believed by weak Arab regimes that manage to convince their people of the biggest lie. Young Arabs should also know that resisting occupation is possible and that victory is highly likely and within the reach of strong hands. The karama battle is the biggest example.* Gaza, which is withstanding the oppression, is also one of the biggest examples of the possibility of gathering an Arab force. Regaining the occupied territory and the rights of Palestinians is within reach, and this is what we need to work on. Peace and coexistence with this pretentious, racist occupation is nothing but a lie, and all previous experiments based on the peace talks option and abandoning resistance failed.

We stand on the threshold of a new station and a new and different phase for all Arab and Muslim people. It is the vital moment of truth brought by the American administration and through which international institutions and resolutions are being arrogantly defied.

*Editor’s note: The author’s use of the word karama may be a reference to the Arabic word for honor and dignity.

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