The Great Western Cultural Revolution

It is not a protest against the system, but a new system that is well known to those who lived under socialism.

J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, has been exposed as transphobic. Rowling posed a question asking whether girls are comfortable with a boy who calls himself a girl going into their restroom. Progressive stars from her films condemned the misogynistic statement severely, and Melissa Anelli, who runs a website for Harry Potter fans, called to “cancel the author.”

A school in West Sussex also reconsidered whether to name a building in honor of Rowling, declaring that the author “may in fact no longer be an appropriate role model for our community.”

In parallel with this, the dismissal of ignorant racists who don’t want to admit guilt continues.

A student activist at UCLA asked professor Gordon Klein to promise he would give a final exam that would not harm the grades of Black students traumatized by life experiences. The professor refused to assign grades based on skin color rather than on knowledge. Activists immediately petitioned for his dismissal, and the professor was placed on a three-week leave of absence.

Oxford University clearly understood which way the wind was blowing and informed students that if their grades suffered as a result of experiencing the George Floyd case, the university would consider that experience to be a mitigating circumstance.

In other words, if a slacker or a poor student gets a failing grade, it’s now enough for them to pretend to be an activist.

You would think that the ranks of activists would grow quickly, and not at the expense of the most gifted. Activists have also demanded the dismissal of W. Ajax Peris, another professor at UCLA. Being white, his crime was reading a letter by Martin Luther King Jr. to his students that used an offensive term for Black people.

“Gone With the Wind” was temporarily removed from HBO for its racism, and National Public Radio called to “decolonize the bookshelf.”

Sports commentator Grant Napear was fired and left in disgrace because he said, “All Lives Matter,” and “Law and Order” screenwriter and producer Craig Gore was fired from the show because he dared to write on Facebook that he would protect his property from those who looted stores two blocks from his home.

Stylist and diva Jessica Mulroney, a close friend of Megan Markle, was fired from all of her shows. The reason? Sasha Exeter, a Black Canadian woman who has 134,000 followers on Instagram called for all celebrities to speak out against racism. Mulroney messaged her, and they began texting. We don’t know what was in their correspondence. We only know that Exeter posted a video in which she stated that Mulroney had threatened her and that her behavior “was very problematic.”*

Mulroney immediately confessed and begged for forgiveness, just like Communists begged for forgiveness in 1937 during the Maoist purges in Yan‘an; but this proved not to be enough.

All those who stand for good over evil, including Markle, condemned Mulroney and ostracized her; it never even crossed anybody’s mind to ask what kind of conversation took place between Mulroney and Exeter. The statement on Instagram was enough for a party purge.

These days, apologies are issued as often as they were during the Cultural Revolution, and like that time, apologies have only supported the backwardness and calloused nature of racism which the triumphant fighters against the system showed to those they condemned, saying, look, he confessed!

National Football League quarterback Drew Brees apologized twice for daring to say that he didn’t agree with people who disrespected the flag of the United States. A third apology was issued by his wife. The New York Times apologized and fired an opinion page editor who published a column by Sen. Tom Cotton that called for using the military to quell rioting.

All of the participants in this triumphant Party Committee, operating by the methods of Stalinist purges and Maoist Yan’an, still sincerely believe themselves to be fighters against the outdated system! Now I understand how the Red Guards perceived themselves.

Riots, protests and defiling monuments have continued, although this time, well-known slave-owners Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are not the only ones who have suffered. Fighters with a racist past and a bloody system vandalized the statue of Abraham Lincoln (The National Park Service later denied these reports, saying photos from the “desecrated” Lincoln memorial were fakes. Gazeta editor), Admiral Farragut (a native of the South who fought against slavery on the side of the North) and the famous abolitionist Mathias Baldwin.

In Boston, the 54th Regiment Memorial was vandalized. The memorial was dedicated to a regiment of Black militiamen who fought against slavery. (The 54th Regiment Memorial was vandalized during violent clashes between anti-racists and right-wing groups, although the person responsible has not been identified.) In London, Black Lives Matter activist Imarn Ayton called for the removal of the statue of Winston Churchill, a well-known racist.

You’ve never heard of Ayton, a dance instructor at a school in Teddington? It doesn’t matter. Her opinion is more important than the fact that Churchill achieved victory over Hitler. To ignore her is racism.

There are two things that I would like to draw your attention to.

First, all of these ideological purges take place without any debate.

God forbid! Nobody thinks to question the treatment of J.K. Rowling, an author whose entire work is a hymn to tolerance and forgiveness. She’s being harassed. They are calling for her to be canceled. (Oh, this amazing newspeak of the heroes George Orwell, Mikhail Zoshchenko and the modern left.) They are demanding that Rowling admit to a crime that she didn’t commit. Nobody thinks to defend the “purged,” sometimes we don’t even know (like in the case with Mulroney) what they are, in fact, guilty of.

The entire procedure is tailored to destroy, not to protect. Shake off the dust. Condemn the bourgeoisie rhetoric and the insufficiently progressive way of thinking.

Second, this is the speed with which the general line of the party changes. That which was mainstream and common sense only yesterday, today turns out to be racism. Woe to those who do not notice the change.

One of the most surprising things is the attitude about violence. For many years the left, before it grew strong, absolutely condemned violence. All of its protests were conducted “peacefully.”

Greenpeace damaged private property. Activists broke into stores and labeled products with stickers that read “GMOs kill,” but the protest was entirely peaceful, as they always emphasized.

Again in 2014, people marginalized the claims that for most of America’s history, one of the most righteous anti-white supremacist tactics available was looting and that when people of color loot a store, they are taking back a minuscule proportion of what has been historically stolen from them.

Now the word “peaceful,” if it is still in use, has changed its meaning by 180 degrees.

An MSNBC reporter stands in front of burning buildings and talks about peaceful protests. Nikole Hanna-Jones, architect of The New York Times project “1619,” says on CBS that, “destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence,” (to which the host reacted by saying that was a great point). The president of the Minneapolis city council, Lisa Bender, explained on CNN why not wishing to be robbed is “white privilege.”

They are trying hard to prove that a) the protests are peaceful, b) the victims of racism possess the right to be violent and c) in general, all of these stores were destroyed by white supremacists. Anyone who does not believe all three of these mutually exclusive versions of events at once is a racist, a fascist, and in general, a supporter of Trump, who brazenly lied that antifa was involved in the rioting.

Once Trump says it, it’s no longer true. What? Antifa stormed the center of Seattle and built a small concentration camp with ID checks and a business racket?

It doesn’t matter, Trump still lied. (Reports of violence from armed antifascists in the Seattle autonomous zone were aired mainly on Fox News and admittedly contained staged or graphically edited footage. The activists themselves consistently deny involvement in the implementation of any form of control in the area. Activists emphasize that Seattle rapper Raz Simon, who is accused of racketeering and whom journalists described as the leader of the Autonomous Zone, has no relation to the left-wing movement and is just another individual. Gazeta editor)

As to all these events I have good news and bad news.

The first piece of bad news I have is for patriotic (Russian) propagandists who would delight in seeing an America in flames as much as if they personally set it on fire. Do not worry, gentlemen. The U.S. will endure, like Los Angeles endured the riots in 1992.

In the U.S. democracy grows from such rich soil, intertwined with roots, that make it hard to destroy this fertile layer. The U.S. will continue to make the iPhones which you buy and the internet which you shit on.

The second piece of bad news I have is for all of the fans of an open society: totalitarianism is coming back. The totalitarian mass movements of the 20th century, those which led to the gulags in Russia and to concentration camps in Germany, to the Cultural Revolution in China and to the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, crushed, seemingly beaten by the economically free world, have risen from the grave, resurrected, and have gained new strength and are about to start anew.

The Terminator said, “I’ll be back,” and return he did.

In 1917, the Bolsheviks, seeking control, used totalitarianism as a weapon to achieve power for the workers. There is no mass working class in the world anymore, and the working class that exists is not very inclined to vote for the redistribution of property. There are impoverished people who explain that Wall Street has stolen everything from them. (These explanations should mean that in places where there is no Wall Street, for example, Nigeria, life is much richer and fairer. This is not true, but no ideologue has ever been confused by the discrepancy between his idea and the facts).

For many decades (and especially after the demise of the Soviet Union), the system of universal suffrage, left-wing ideology, and a cancerous state bureaucracy increased the number of impoverished people living off of what they call welfare, and what is actually socialism. Then they attributed the rapid growth of unemployment, illiteracy and crime to the onerous legacy of racism and colonialism by depriving a particular part of the population of incentives to work in exchange for miserly (as always under socialism) freebies.

Your humble servant is not an immigrant, poor, or a Black person, but is from another category of the population that the left is trying to make a victim out of: women. We women are also told that we are victims of patriarchal stereotypes and masculine culture.

At the same time, there has been a process of redefinition, which is important for left-wing discourse and the cultural revolution. All the achievements of Europe, all the discoveries of the free world, all of them have become “white privilege.”

Instead of being an example, which must be emulated, European culture has become a disgrace to be ashamed of.

All whites and Europeans have become collectively guilty before the rest of the world, for they invented science, progress and open society, like the Jews were collectively to blame for the crucifixion of Christ. As the brilliant American economist Thomas Sowell wrote on this subject, “Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.” (On a related note, Sowell is Black.)

Like I’ve already said, it is an integral problem of a flourishing society. Moreover, it is ultimately a biological problem.

In his time, Richard Dawkins described the optimal strategy of survival for certain species of wasp. This species either digs a nest into the earth where it lays an egg, or it takes a nest away from another wasp. Dawkins posed the question: under which conditions does a wasp make a nest, and under which conditions do they steal one?

It turned out that there is no genetic difference between “capitalist” wasps and “socialist” wasps. There are no natural factors, weather conditions or any other triggering factors for this or that behavior. The only trigger is the number of available nests. If there are too few nests, the wasp digs. If there are many nests, the wasp steals one. It’s more profitable.

In an open society there are simply too many nests.

If you ask why people are doing this, why they glorify looting and immediately report that it is the handiwork of white supremacists, why antifa sets up an “autonomous zone” in the center of Seattle and immediately begins asking for passes, extorting money from businesses and kicking those journalists who cover events “incorrectly” out of the “zone,” then the answer is that these people are just fantastically ignorant.

If you told them that in 1917 the Sharikovs in Russia did all of the same things, and the Shvonders approved of it, they would be very surprised, because they are not even aware that there was a year 1917.

They believe that the world is currently ruled by some antediluvian racists and exploiters of the same breed as Lincoln or Lenin. They don’t even have iPhones! They learned this in college, or even in grade school. All of those protesting know that they grew up in a bloody capitalist society. Some 70% of millennials in the U.S. are likely to vote for socialists, and only 57% of them believe that the Declaration of Independence protects freedom better than the Communist Manifesto.

All that Stalinist propagandists explained in the pages of Pravda about the bloody world of profit and the corrupt whore of imperialism, these virgin souls have been absorbed together with the iPhone and the fight against global warming.

All of these fighters for a brighter future are the worst kind of racists; temporal racists. They bear contempt for the entire history of humanity. Why on earth should you read Aristotle or Marx if Aristotle didn’t have an iPhone? They can watch a two-minute video and harass anyone with whom they disagree.

Do you know what I find most laughable about the London Black Lives Matter protests? Great Britain banned the slave trade in 1808 and banned slavery in 1833. None of the Black participants in these protests or their family members were brought to Great Britain as a slave. They all came to this terrible racist country themselves.

None of the participants in these protests are protesting against the countries which turned African populations into slaves for 10 centuries, countries in which slavery was formally forbidden from the 1960s to the 1980s, but which, in fact, still exists to this day because slavery is permitted by Sharia law. They do not do this for exactly the same reason why feminists, explaining to us women how we suffered for centuries at the hands of white males, do not protest the condition of women in Islam.

The real goal of the “New Reds” is not to protect the rights of victims, but to annihilate the freedom and achievement of an open society. And for this, all allies are good.

No, ladies and gentlemen, it is not a protest against the system. It is a new system, and it is a system that was very well known to us in the USSR. We were there.

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