Praying for Trump’s Recovery Is Foolish, Crazy, Ridiculous and Insane



I don’t know if they are crazy or if they’ve lost their minds and can no longer distinguish between truth and lies, right and wrong, pure and impure, clean and dirty, or goodness and malice. Do you see them pretending we are crazy and underestimating us, thinking that we are idiots like they are, fools like they are, ignorant people who believe them, servants who only follow or children who copy them?

Do you see them laughing at God Almighty and mocking him, thinking that he will respond to their nonsense and grant their wishes when they pray to The Almighty to cure President Donald Trump, heal him and ensure that he survives COVID-19? They ask Muslims, imams in the mosques, preachers and crowds of worshippers to pray for Trump’s safety, healing, health and wellness, as if he were their “wali al-amr,” the sultan of their country, and the ruling caliph whom they must obey for whom they cry out in prayer to God Almighty for health, safety, and longevity.*

Why is Donald Trump or his wife our business? Trump and those around him can go to hell, including his son-in-law and daughter. Let the pandemic that he denied infect him, let the sickness he underestimated and scorned take him. Let him drink from the same cup whose bitterness millions of people before him have tasted. Let him drink the powerful deadly poison that he deserves. He was infected by God Almighty with what he deserves. He received a fitting punishment. We know for certain that Trump will not suffer the way millions of infected people have suffered before him. The United States and all its capabilities stand by him with its largest hospitals, welcoming him with its most highly skilled doctors who watch over his health. Trump is receiving the kind of necessary treatment and medicine that the country withholds from poor patients and reserves only for the important and wealthy.

Trump and his affairs are none of our business. It doesn’t matter to us whether he is infected or cured, if he’s dead and gone, or rotting. We leave that up to God Almighty. We won’t interfere with, influence, or stand in the way of God’s judgment. And while the Muslims and poor people of the world call for his demise, hate him and hope that he dies, Trump exists high above them, arrogantly playing the tyrant and acting high and mighty, oppressive and despotic, soaring above the earth as he overpowers God’s creation. The world is drowning in problems and crises that have resulted in the deaths of thousands of Muslims and the destruction of their countries, the plunder of their property and the theft of their livelihoods. Yet, Trump still plots to strip them of the gifts, good deeds, and money God has given them.

It is strange that those who rule over our affairs – our guardians, the trustees of our religion, the advisers to our Islamic nation, those who are protective of our faith, those who bear the integrity of our religion and the responsibility for our generations – would ask the victim to pray for his executioner, and the oppressed to pray for his oppressor. They expect those who have been attacked and abused to pray for those who attacked and abused and overwhelmed them with the power of weapons and the tyranny of force and killing, unjustly assaulted their rights, confiscated their wealth and took their lands by force, imposed humiliating conditions on them, pressured and punished them so they would come crawling back to him, subjecting themselves to his rule, being content with his judgment, and bowing to his authority. He is a foolish maniac, a cruel, ignoble, and raging lunatic.

These ignorant people, even if they are called scholars in their country, have forgotten that President Trump described Muslims as savages, murderous terrorists, and an ignorant mob. He has fought them in his own country and banned Muslims from immigrating or even visiting. He stripped Jerusalem of its deeply Islamic and Arab character by recognizing it as part of the Zionist entity and naming it the eternal and indivisible capital. He recognized the appropriation, initiation of settlements, and policies of occupation. He paved the way for expelling Palestinians from their country and depriving them of their nation. He sponsored the “deal of the century” which recognizes all of Palestine as part of the Zionist entity and imposes ridiculous solutions on Palestinians that violate their rights, abort their dreams, and deprive them of everything that was once theirs.

As for those who claim to be scholars and heirs to the prophets, don’t they know that the ones who cannot sleep out of anxiety and fear for Trump’s health and well-being, fearing that he might die early before he grants their wishes and satisfies their ambitions are the Zionist Jews and extremist evangelical Christians who are hostile to Arabs and Muslims, and believe in the supremacy of the Jewish people and evangelical arrogance? They believe that Palestine is the promised land and the nation of the Jewish people, and that the time has come for that to be because it belongs to them, the only pure ones among the gentiles, and that no one else should live there but them. And so, they rejoiced when President Trump believed their nonsense and worked to realize their myths and stories. That is why they fear for his life and fear his death, and pray to God Almighty for Trump’s health and well-being and long life, solely so that he can serve them and benefit them and carry out their plans. Are these scholars on the same level as the Zionist Jews and evangelical Christians? Do they share this goal and vision as a hope and dream?

Oh God, lord of the seven heavens and two earths, conqueror of the strong and destroyer of ruthless oppressors, our lord who is lord of the weak and vulnerable! Destroy Trump and those who have followed him, destroy him and those who have supported him. Make him taste immeasurable disgrace and all shades of agony. Oh God, take revenge on him with a terrible vengeance. Do not let him return to his house or his office unless they lie in ruin. Oh God, strip him of his belongings and money. Deprive him of his power and authority. Oh God, torment him, extend his pain, increase his sickness, let his family and people mourn for him. Do not let him enjoy a bright day or have a decent life. Oh God, make him an example to those who love him and support him and to all those who may see it. May he be a lesson to all insubordinate tyrants so they know they do not deserve mercy but only torment, curses and stones. Trump is a cursed devil, a cunning and depraved enemy, a sly conspirator, a stubborn killer, a hateful racist, a diseased fascist, a sick and foolish person, an insane and strange man.

*Translator’s note: The term wali al-amr in Arabic is a reference to a kind of guardian, particularly male, who has absolute control over the lives and decisions of his charges, who are usually children or women.

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