What Does a Trump or Biden Victory Mean?

On Nov. 3, the American voters will choose their president as the world watches this hugely significant event. In terms of the orientation of the two parties, the Republicans have been following a realistic approach over the past four years of the Donald Trump era. Trump retreated from the nuclear agreement with Iran, backed away from the trade agreement between America, Canada and Mexico known as NAFTA and instead formed another agreement in favor of America, made Europe pay for its financial commitments in the NATO alliance, withdrew from the World Health Organization, struck many terrorist organizations (Islamic State, al-Qaeda and others), and killed the terrorist Qassam Soleimani. Trump as a president is not very committed to populist diplomacy. He was a great dealer in real estate on a global level and a businessman knowledgeable of economics that favor America. The trade war with the giant China began and continues.

As for Joe Biden, the veteran politician who served as vice president to Barack Obama for eight years, some people fear he will work to return to the nuclear agreement and will pursue a softer policy line with Iran. They fear he will take the same policy line with Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey, which intervened in the Middle East under the pretext of defending Islam in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Qatar and Azerbaijan, and which is causing unrest with its neighbors Greece and Cyprus by drilling in their waters for gas and oil. It is also feared that Biden will give free rein to Iran and Turkey to mess around in the already blazing Middle East, adding insult to injury, as the saying goes. The Democrats follow an ideal form of democracy and solve their problems using peaceful means and international law. This does not really work with rogue states, but using force is the last resort, as the saying goes.

The two candidates’ rhetoric toward the American voter is to win his vote, but then after that, foreign policy is based on the balance of power by long-established institutions, experts and advisers who protect the country’s best interests. America is a country of wonder, freedom, democracy and the opportunity to achieve dreams and aspirations. Yet there are also shortcomings, incidents, disagreements, insecurity and violence. The world urgently needs America, and America needs the world and friendly countries revolving around it.

All of us are waiting in suspense to see who will live in the White House soon. It will be a surprise!

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