Joe Biden Won

Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. What happened? Why are people so happy? Why is there partying in our country?

To be honest, you should be saying, “How outrageous!”

What a resounding victory! Well, no. Donald Trump almost stayed in the White House for another four years.

This speaks to us of a divided nation — of a very high percentage of Americans who will not stand back with their arms folded — of a monumental challenge to governance, of many problems.

Did the people who voted for Biden do so because they genuinely believe in him? Or did they vote only to remove Trump from power? One would be a vote to punish, and the other, a vote of conviction.

Do you think the result would have been the same if Biden, instead of facing a character like Trump, had run against another politician with different qualifications?

The United States is a great country. Democracy is one of its greatest contributions, but the phenomenon we have witnessed does not differ much from that of four years ago.

There is too much noise. Too much “drama.” It is worrying, for example, to see people so happy because it contrasts with everything Biden has said. If what the man seeks is to reunite the country, to heal its wounds and for the United States to live up to its name, the first thing to prevent is the celebration that hurts the many people who supported Trump.

I repeat: This was not a typical election. It was an extremely intense, aggressive and painful process, the result of which — rather than being celebrated — should be reflected upon.

As if this were not enough, we are in a pandemic; the number of infections and deaths from COVID-19 in that nation is alarming. The last thing Biden needs for the inauguration of his administration is to be associated with additional and greater tragedies.

I am concerned about the case of Mexico: If sanity should prevail on the other side of our northern border, then it should, even more so, prevail here.

Trump never distinguished himself by taking any positive action with respect to Mexico or by offering any message of peace. Anything that our leaders, or that we Mexicans, say or do, has consequences. There is still time before that man leaves the White House. Watch out.

Besides, nobody knows that Biden is going to be good for us.

Mexico, from the time of Enrique Peña Nieto, has been submissive to Trump. When he was a candidate, he attacked us. And what did we do? We invited Trump to campaign from here. Contrary to what anyone could have imagined, this did not change much with the arrival of Andres Manuel López Obrador.

Do you think there won’t be any consequences? Do you really think that Biden and his team are not going to take all this and more into account when it comes to putting important binational issues on the table?

So why is there partying in our country? Because they will stop calling us rapists? Because construction of “the wall” is going to stop? Because now we will see a change in our dreams?

There is no Carnival without Lent: I believe — from fundamental respect for this passionate, complex and important story — a little bit of caution would not hurt us.

So, what do you think?

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