I Refuse To Choose the Lesser Evil

The defense of Donald Trump, coming from the mouths of our country’s chauvinists and political ignoramuses, has been quite a display of empty, grandiloquent favoritism on the part of some individuals, with no regard for the sea of blood that this policy has brought about. Joe Biden, as is known from his past, offers more of the same, only with a different coating. It is therefore silly to deal in some sort of rhetorical exercises about who is better, or more suitable, or who should be supported. The American dream of domination, that vision approaching the Hitleresque, will continue — to the detriment of humanity and of Americans themselves.

The social situation of Americans remains unresolved for the long term — only a fool could call the United States a model for us. The government prefers to support big capital and the military-industrial complex, no matter the cost, and to support crusades spreading war and death all over the world. That cannot be applauded. And one cannot give in to the illusions promoted by the “leftist” Bernie Sanders and his British social-democratic likeness, Jeremy Corbyn. No radical reform can occur within the North American system. The social changes recommended by Democrats are just a kind of crumb from the table to keep a system built on the exploitation of other nations, as well as its own, from collapsing. They are twaddle, empty phrases and promises, which will never be implemented. Why? Because, just like Republicans, Democrats ONLY defend the interests of that country’s oligarchy, of its business concerns, of its own imperialist center in the competitive struggle with others. I have always been against imperialism; I don’t prefer any option of a “lesser evil,” nor any dangerous illusions about whether one imperialist regime can be better, more humane, than another.

When Fidel Castro was asked whether he supported John F. Kennedy or Richard Nixon in the presidential election, he responded that it didn’t matter which foot the shoe was on. That’s what American imperialism is like. And to try to choose between something frankly repulsive, on the one hand, and a charming imperialism with a human face on the other, is not only naïve and irresponsible, but also stupid. I have no expectations of the election winner, just as I’ve never had any before. Servile congratulations from the Castle* will be of no help. We can do better than simply being a lackey for the Americans or the Israelis.

A world that has long been marked by American imperialism is not interested in the media image of the American election. It’s interested in when imperialism will fall — for the good of humanity and of the American people.

Stanislav Grospic is a parliament deputy and deputy chair of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia.

*Translator’s Note: The Castle is the Prague seat of the Czech presidency.

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