China Declares It No Longer Recognizes the US as World Leader

Beijing declared parity, but Biden’s team seems to have nothing to answer with.

At the U.S.-China negotiations held in Alaska on March 18, the Joe Biden administration was welcomed with a cold shower. In fact, China declared parity.

The Americans, as usual, began the negotiations in their familiar didactical manner, with a list of claims about China’s domestic policy and respect for human rights, and was met with a sharp response from Chinese Communist Party Politburo member Yang Jiech, who said, “The U.S. is not qualified to say it wants to speak to China from a position of strength!”

Moreover, China suggested Americans deal with human rights violations in their own country first and foremost.

The Americans were confused. It was a manner of speaking China has never allowed itself before.

In fact, there was no point in conducting any further negotiations after that. The Biden administration needs to grasp the new reality. And the reality is that China has, in fact, declared that it no longer recognizes the United States as a global hegemon or moral leader that can criticize China on matters of human rights.

What has happened is the same thing I have written about over and over again. After a failed election which 40% of Americans believe was rigged, the United States has lost its moral leadership in democracy forever. And after losing its moral leadership, America will quickly lose its hegemony, which is impossible to maintain without moral leadership.

Therefore, “America is back” will not work out. Or rather, it will work out as a farce. Its symbol now is a bow-backed Biden, suffering from dementia.

China made it clear that it is ready to challenge U.S. hegemony, and America will have to do something about it. And yes, I absolutely do not believe the current White House administration has the ability to take a tough stance toward China. In my opinion, the current American team is one of the weakest in recent decades.

Author Andrii Holovachov is a political expert.

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