There Is Cooperation, Not War, between China and America in the Gulf

Arab countries have had no value in influencing global politics in the 100 years since these countries were manufactured by the British and French occupiers who installed client regimes and squandered our riches, including Iraqi and Gulf oil, which was the first global energy source.

Now, however, America has become an oil and gas exporter. The United States is the largest global source of oil, producing more than 12 million barrels per day. For 100 years, Gulf oil was a major source of funding for America’s hot and cold wars and its military bases. Were it not for Israel’s presence in the Middle East, America would have left the region because it no longer has any need for the Arab countries.

Indeed, Gulf oil was the sole source of energy for the United States and the West. But now the world is turning toward clean energy. In Denmark, the parliament passed two laws encouraging and supporting people in purchasing solar cells. Now, electric cars are coming into service. In 2030, Copenhagen will prohibit gas or petrol-powered vehicles from entering the capital. The same will happen in other European capitals and cities.

Gulf oil exports to the United States are being sold to huge companies linked to the “milkmen” of the “Gulf cows” for cheap rates to benefit political decision-makers like the billionaire Donald Trump.

China has had a commercial exchange with America exceeding hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The excessive imposition of severe sanctions on Iran pushed it toward China and Russia. Imposing sanctions on China and Russia also pushed them to look for other countries to stand with them. Benjamin Netanyahu’s excessive incitement against Iran pushed it toward China. The Chinese-Iranian strategic agreement is coming soon.

All of Iran’s oil and gas, seaports, airports, projects and markets are going to China for 25 years. In turn, China pledged to provide financing, weapons and political support.

This strategic bilateral agreement will compel Western countries to rethink their harsh treatment of Iran and their attempts to bring down the regime and to change the religion and sect of the Iranian people. There is a doctrinal, Bedouin, Wahhabi, Gulfi hatred toward the Shia. But it is unreasonable that Trump raised slogans of fighting the Shia in the name of Iran.

Has Washington lost Iran? Yes, it has lost Iran despite the fact that the United States never owned or possessed it, having lost it when the Shah’s regime fell. There are American writers and analysts like the thinker Noam Chomsky, who criticized his government because it plotted the coup against the secular politician Mohammad Mosaddegh and restored the Shah regime to power. Certainly after the Shah was overthrown in 1979, there was a popular Iranian position against America, but following the fall of the doomed rat Saddam Hussein’s regime, it was possible to make Iraq a focal point or link rather than an arena or staging ground for wars between Trump and Iran.

The Iraqi people are made up of Kurds, Sunnis and Shia, with a Shia majority. There are millions of Shia living in Europe, Australia, America and Canada who have never been involved in terrorist activities. The majority of them are beneficial members of the societies that they live in. Following the victory of the revolution, Iran raised the slogan “neither East nor West.” Iran still has not established any strong, close relationships with any other power over the past 42 years — that is, until last week, when it signed an ambitious agreement with China. This does not mean that Iran has become Chinese.

In any case, Iran has set sail toward the East. It is up to the United States to leave behind the Saudi incitements emanating from the ideological Wahhabi takfiri perspective. Let the Saudis and the Gulf fight Iran head on and quit starting wars against the Shia elsewhere in Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon.

The United States has become self-sufficient in its petrol needs and produces more than 12 million barrels of oil per day. America has not and will not enter into nuclear war with China and Russia. Indeed, everyone will meet to share influence over the “milk” from the “cows” in Arab countries. It is certain that Riyadh and its Gulf partners have not rushed into China’s embrace. The Gulf “milk cows” remain loyal to those who put them in their positions and keep them in power. Still, Chinese goods are found in America itself as well as in Gulf countries. The most delusional error would be believing nuclear war could break out between America, China and Russia. With all that, we await the meeting that includes all these powerful countries with influence in the Middle East (including Iran and Turkey) to share roles, with no place left for the “cows of the Gulf.”

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