What Nerve, Goebbels!

Wow! Joseph Goebbels, you must be dancing for joy even in Hell itself. Do you know that your famous, cynical and ringing quotation, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth,” is more valid than ever?

Perhaps you are upset, Goebbels, I sense it. How are you going to admit, anyway, that today’s powerful people, under the guidance of the imperial eagle, left that malevolent legacy of yours in the dust in order to make justifications or prepare their blows based on unreality?

Good grief, old man! In truth, you didn’t create the lie; it’s as old as humanity, but you succeeded in making it official policy when you were the propaganda minister in Nazi Germany for the devastating government of Adolf Hitler, and you used it without one shred of morality or honesty to influence German society and beyond.

Probably the one most repeated quotation from the fascist arsenal, you cemented it with boastful reasoning, preparing the politician or public figure to consciously tailor, distort and even create twisted versions of the facts and later transmit them to an audience that, even though it could resist accepting those versions, ended up giving in with repetition. Incredibly, this has happened on many occasions!

The followers of that recipe for the art of manipulation have exploited it and exploited it fully. How many wars were unleashed based on lies? How many democratic governments overthrown? How many coercive tactics to economically suffocate a country? The history of humanity includes a long list of these incidents.

The great difference between the past and the present is that now it is easier to hammer these scams home to achieve the desired political and ideological ends. Followers of the recipe have the technology in hand to help enormously to intoxicate and spread the message in order to satisfy their hegemonic desires.

On a social level, many support this silly cackling, some out of conviction, others unconsciously, plus those unwary and doubting ones, branches of the same tree; they fall into the sack, victims of their weak principles, while many governments and institutions sink from the empire’s pressure.

There has been, and is, a huge flow against our country, including the invasion of the Bay of Pigs, bathed in false justifications to tighten the slipknot around our necks, but we succeed here because we are the bastion that we are.

If anyone knows the spawn of hoaxes well, he’s called Donald Trump, the former president. The press in the United States has conceptualized him as the biggest liar, among illustrious personalities in that guild, concluding that he began his presidency lying and ended it the same way.

The cynicism is so extreme that there is no embarrassment, much less apology offered on discovering that the objective achieved was cemented with colossal nonsense.

Rather, they slip in and guide their acolytes’ activities with this quotation, disrespectful and overbearing, with a Machiavellian flavor, that the end justifies the means. Oh, Goebbels! Of all the nerve! Really!

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