The US and the Absurdity of the Pandemic

This year, we’ve seen an increased number of people who, based on some superstition — and there are many, all laughable — refuse to get vaccinated. We have seen people in various countries who, at the beginning of the pandemic, said that the virus didn’t exist, that it was an invention for some unknown reason. This group of people declined in number when persons close to them, whom they had infected with their stupidity, started to die. We know that the highest-rated host on one American news network continues to insist that mandated mask wearing is a sign of authoritarianism, demonstrating that he has no idea what authoritarianism is from his position as a privileged white boy educated in the best academic institutions.

In a way few other places in the world have, the U.S. has shown how politicization of a health issue destroys lives.

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court banned President Joe Biden’s government from mandating vaccination or COVID testing for large employers, putting a stop to a key element of the White House’s plan to try to control the pandemic, while cases of omicron rise.

Not all countries could implement a similar measure due to the scarcity of vaccines, and now tests, throughout the world.

But in the U.S.? Thanks to its economic power, the country accumulated more vaccines than it could use in a long time. And although some days saw long lines for testing due to the demand, they still have tests.

But let’s get back to vaccines. In a country where anyone who wants to has access and could get vaccinated tomorrow, only 73% of the population between 18 and 65 has been vaccinated, and only 88% of the population over 65.

And now, faced with the most contagious version of the virus, the Supreme Court’s conservative bloc is stopping large employers from requesting vaccination or testing. Basically: Let infections continue, which have already overwhelmed hospitals in some regions of the country.

It’s the triumph of superstitious fools. Like the Serbian tennis player who deserved to be locked up.

But that’s how things go these days. Let’s keep getting vaccinated and taking care of ourselves.

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