The US Is Scared and Preparing To Respond

Political analyst Dmirtri Yevstafyev on American foreign policy in the field of security.

NATO will never agree to the withdrawal of troops from countries that joined the alliance in 1997. This was declared by Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. According to him, taking such a step would mean that the countries will become “second-class NATO members.”

“NATO allies cannot compromise with the absolutely key principle of European security, and in fact of international security. The fact that each country has the right to choose its own path, decide for itself whether or not to join an alliance like NATO. This is indeed a key principle,” he said.

I want to defend Stoltenberg. In my view, he is the ideal director for NATO during these times of “political schizophrenia.” I think that he actually believes what he is saying. He simply has a cause-and-effect relationship that doesn’t work. Roughly speaking, in his statement about Yugoslavia, we can change the word Yugoslavia to “Ukraine.” The problem isn’t that NATO or Russia entered Ukraine, but that the internal problems in Ukraine have changed its borders. He doesn’t understand that. He doesn’t understand what he is saying, but for the current NATO, this is normal. ideal and good.

Vladimir Zhirnovsky said that we will have a different foreign policy, but for another foreign policy, we need a different external and internal economy. When we have a high official enter important forums and say that Russian geopolitics are expensive, the question arises: What is cheap for Russia? Was it cheaper for us in the 1990s, at a time when we did not have geopolitics? I wouldn’t say so. As long as a certain class dominates the macroeconomic bloc in our country, which believes that geopolitics is a cost point, not a profit point, nothing will make sense.

It’s very important that we remember the history of Great Britain — that it’s a nuclear state. I would start the fight against the nuclear threat by suggesting to the Americans that they conduct an operation to force Britain to denuclearize, because a monkey with a grenade that plans to pull the pin is a very dangerous thing. We must not add to this, but the Americans must very clearly understand that the denuclearization of the British monarchy is in their interest. This will bring greater predictability and security.

I wouldn’t take what is happening so lightly right now. You can see this in the Collective Security Treaty Organization operation and its consequences in Kazakhstan. The whole problem is that the U.S. got scared, but it didn’t believe us. Yes, it’s not a very big group — 3,000 is not the Kursk Bulge at all — but nevertheless, they prepared the airfield in their time frame, with clarity and logistics.

The U.S., of course, is scared, but does not yet believe we are capable of carrying out such an operation. But it does understand something important. It knows that it cannot be the hegemon. The U.S. has already accepted it; creating a tripolar world is the way to streamline this process. But it is now beginning to get used to the idea that it is no longer in the the lead. It will fight tooth and nail for leadership because if the U.S. is not the hegemon, and isn’t the leader, then this raises the question: Who are they? And what is their purpose? Why is the printing press only in the U.S.? And why is there an emission umbrella that is spread over Europe and Asia? This is where the big question arises for the Americans.

If we do not see strong steps taken by the Americans, this does not mean that they do not exist. This means that we do not see them yet.

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