The Worst Thing Has Happened to the US

As I expected, Moscow and Beijing have indeed declared the formal end of U.S. hegemony and the unipolar world.

Beijing has officially backed Russia’s demands for security guarantees from the United States. Moreover, the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers have declared that, from now on, China and Russia “will jointly oppose destabilization by Washington, including activity in the EU.”

In other words, China and Russia have declared that, along with the U.S., they are responsible for international security.

This is the worst thing to happen to the United States. Russia and Beijing have entered into a political alliance and will cooperate in taking action against the United States in the international arena going forward. Moreover, Washington has not managed to win over Germany in the confrontation with China and Russia.

Washington now has two options: to acknowledge the new reality, begin to abandon the stick-and-sanctions policy in favor of a policy that has mutual respect for national interests and strives for balance; or to try to reestablish control over the EU by means of a pan-European war (the role of Ukraine is clearly defined in this case) and thereby mobilize the Western world and its allies against the China-Russia alliance.

The second option marks the beginning of an era of regional warfare, and Ukraine will be at the top of this sad agenda.

Within the next few days, we will know which path the U.S. has chosen.

In any case, you can say that the world has entered an incredibly dangerous period of confrontation between the two alliances, whose military and economic capabilities are comparable. But the United States is experiencing the final days of its empire, while China’s empire, on the other hand, is experiencing growth, expansion and Gumilev’s passionarity.*

The author, Andrii Holovachov, is a political expert.

*Translator’s Note: The author is referring to Soviet historian Lev Gumilev’s theory of passionarity, which describes a quantifiable measure of mental and ideological energy at the disposal of a given nation at a given time.

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