Biden Declares Putin’s Victory over Ukraine

President Joe Biden’s speech yesterday in response to the Russian military attack on Ukraine implied that America will not defend Ukraine, but also affirms that Russia is the aggressor and the U.S. will impose harmful, long-term economic sanctions on the country. The speech also suggested that the reason NATO and America do not defend Ukraine is that it Ukraine does not belong to NATO, as Biden said that the alliance would intervene forcefully and militarily to defend its members. This increases Russia’s concern that Ukraine will fall back on joining the alliance, which would trigger a preemptive war on Ukraine.

Biden is telling Ukrainians to go fight with their god in a war whose outcome is already determined, and that he is ready to punish their enemy economically to prevent such a conflict. The reason, he says, is that Ukraine is not a member of NATO yet, and it seems to him that they will never be. Therefore, he must maintain NATO’s strength to protect its existing members. However, Biden sympathizes with Ukrainians and will send them aid and facilitate their escape to other countries.

The only possible explanation for this is Biden’s fear of Russia’s enormous military power and willingness to enter a new world war to protect its interests. What else could it be? Was Kuwait, for example, a member of NATO when the West intervened in the country and removed Saddam Hussein by military force in 1991? It also confirms that the West intervened in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria only because victory over these countries was guaranteed, as they were weak enemies.

In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin has scored an important and obvious victory over the West and ruined its plans to besiege Russia geographically and strategically. Like Crimea, Donetsk or Luhansk, the Ukrainian regions that were or will be controlled by Russia will become part of Russia. Russia will not give them up no matter how damaging Biden’s sanctions are, particularly because it has already been subject to Western economic sanctions for many years.

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