America and International Law

All the political leaders in the United States of America, led by President Joe Biden, have attacked the Russian military operation against Ukraine. Biden and his security team described the operation as a flagrant violation of international law. I don’t know if these Americans and their president have been asleep and are just now waking up to the impact of the Russian operation.

Don’t they know that most American presidents have violated international law hundreds of times in the past and do so to this day? Don’t they know the U.S. has invaded, bombed, overthrown governments, changed regimes and intervened militarily in many countries around the world under the guise of international law and human rights while the international community looked on?

The Invasion

And where were these American experts in international law when they carried out the dirtiest and largest military invasion in modern history in Iraq?

Wasn’t Biden the first to support the invasion of Iraq when he was a member of Congress, backing the barbaric incursion into a sovereign state and a member of the United Nations? An invasion that took place without authorization from the Security Council or any international organization, based on flimsy justifications by President George W. Bush and his administration, reasons that the Bush administration later retracted, stating that its intelligence had misled them, an excuse that was worse than the act itself. In their invasion of Iraq, the Americans disregarded international law and all the laws of the land and sky, and their ally, Britain, joined in this major criminal act, along with a number of European countries. And all these powerful European countries aligning with the United States now also consider the Russian operation a violation. But their participation in America’s criminal act of invading and occupying Iraq, killing 1 million Iraqis, overthrowing the Iraqi government and destroying the country’s infrastructure, including institutions, ministries, laboratories, factories, roads, bridges, universities, hospitals and even the homes of innocent citizens, is not considered a violation of international law.

The occupation of Iraq by the Americans for years, controlling its capabilities, intimidating its people, stealing its money and wealth, destroying its homogeneous social fabric and national unity and provoking ethnic and sectarian conflict among its citizens is not considered a violation of international law. As if that weren’t enough, they completed the destruction of Iraq and its people through killing, assassination, uprooting populations, displacing its people, provoking sectarian conflict, stealing Iraq’s money and wealth, destroying its industry, agriculture, scientific, educational and health institutions, spreading backwardness and ignorance, promoting trade and drug abuse, establishing armed militias beyond state control and destroying everything related to science, progress and advancement, setting Iraq back centuries. Iraq and its people are still suffering from the repercussions of the invasion and occupation to this day, and God alone knows how long it will continue to suffer from the bitter effects of the invasion and occupation.

And where were the United States and its allies, and where was international law during U.S. activity in Syria years ago? And what is the U.S. doing in Syria and who authorized it to occupy part of its territory, build military bases there and help its Kurds escape from state control and establish the so-called self-administration of certain areas in Syria? And what is the U.S. doing by providing them with weapons and money and control of Syria’s oil fields and helping them steal every day?

Is it international law that allows this, or is this America’s version of international law, as opposed to what the world and its international organizations know?

What international law are President Biden and American politicians and their European allies talking about? Aren’t they the first to violate this law, the first to fail to respect it and the first to employ it for their malicious interests and goals?

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