Secretary of State Antony Blinken needs a lesson in classical Arabic, or an accurate translation of the meaning of “latency,” a state that terrorist organizations are going through. Blinken intends to remove such “latent” groups from the U.S. list of foreign terrorist organizations, releasing them so they can spread corruption and bloodshed against us.

Blinken also needs to reconsider U.S. security operations and military command, in particular, Lt. Gen. Michael Eric Kurilla, commander of U.S. Central Command, who said that the treacherous terrorist attack on the West Sinai Water Pumping Station underscores a continued threat by extremists. Did Kurilla inform his government about the attack and the continuing terrorist threat?! Did Kurilla advise the Pentagon that terrorism still threatens the Egyptian development project and harms confirmed American interests in the Middle East, and that the U.S. allows terrorist organizations and groups to freely pass American scrutiny absolved of bloodshed and portrayed as victims?

It is urgent that we alert “sleepy Joe Biden” to Barack Obama’s policy that Blinken has adopted. The Biden administration is committing political folly without planning for the outcome, something it will regret after it’s too late. In following Obama’s approach, the Biden administration is explicitly and scandalously supporting terrorist groups all over the world. That’s a disgrace!

Despite the fact that Egypt has insisted the State Department designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, a request supported by documented crimes and bloodshed, the U.S. has long delayed doing so.

America caused a political scandal, which you could call “Blinkengate,” when it wrote off five terrorist organizations, including two operating on Egyptian soil. Can you believe that all the carnage committed by those two organizations (the Islamic Group and Ansar Beit al-Maqdis) does not worry the Biden administration? According to Blinken’s report, this administration is ignoring the fact that these two groups are among the five being written off that have posed significant threats and have killed hundreds, if not thousands, of civilians and members of the military in Egypt.

The “conspirator” Blinken believes these organizations are no longer active and have not initiated any violent acts in recent years, which requires a reassessment of how threatening they are.

We need to remind Blinken about what is known strategically as a period of latency, time during which terrorist groups defer their activities for years and sometimes decades. During this period, the groups recruit new members, reestablish their networks, amass weapons, renew funding and reopen new local and international channels of communication.

It is difficult for Blinken to understand this process, and Republicans in Congress believe that removing five terrorist organizations is a first step toward removing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from the terrorist list in order to please Tehran.

Imagine the magnitude of this scandal. America is releasing terrorist groups as a cover for launching another group it classified as terrorist, in an effort to strike a political deal without any concern for the consequences or danger that such groups pose to global peace and stability.

It is well known that Watergate was the greatest domestic political scandal in American history. Blinkengate describes the biggest foreign political scandal in American history. If it is not a political scandal, what would you call it?

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