When War Is Meteorological

The U.S. experimented with climatic weapons in the war in Vietnam, intensifying the activity of monsoons over Viet Cong territory.

The advance of climate change is giving rise to deadly weather conditions, with waves of heat or cold, abnormal snowfall, strong winds and episodes of extreme high temperatures or explosive cyclogenesis. There is a natural tendency to downplay these phenomena, on the grounds that there has always been heat, flooding and snowfall. What is new now is the frequency. This has also opened up the debate as to whether what we are facing is just climate change, or if it is climate change influenced by climate modification programs of the major powers.

The Chinese, for example, started a “cloud seeding” program years ago, using military aircraft and antiaircraft guns, which Beijing has adapted for the purpose of “merging clouds” with silver iodide or liquid nitrogen, causing artificial rain or snow. The problem is that such an initiative could set off a “climate war” with the affected countries, which may have less rain and more frequent droughts and high temperatures.

The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has blamed the “theft of rain” in his country, resulting in extreme heat and drought, on a climate modification program of the European Union and Israel.

Although it has been denied, some claim that the antennae of the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, sited in Alaska by the United States, have the capacity to emit 1 trillion electromagnetic waves and to affect the ecosystem, intensifying droughts, flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, hurricanes and heat waves. It is said that HAARP is “the world’s biggest heater.” The Russian counterpart of HAARP is SURA, considered to be a “climate weapon,” and the Chinese are working on “Tianhe,” with similar characteristics.

The CIA has admitted that under the name of “Project Popeye,” they carried out meteorological warfare trials in Vietnam, intensifying the activity of monsoons over Viet Cong territory.

The scientific community is divided about climate modification proposals and geoengineering projects with the object of reflecting solar radiation and sequestering carbon dioxide.

Among those in favor is Bill Gates, who is a proponent of lowering the temperature by covering the deserts with reflecting plastics, mega-plantations of genetically modified crops with leaves that reflect radiation, storing compressed carbon dioxide in abandoned mines, injecting aerosols into the stratosphere to block the sun’s light and “bleaching” clouds to block radiation or diversion of oceanic currents. As far as science is concerned, these ideas are absurd.

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