President Joe Biden Finds Favor Again. His Ratings Have Skyrocketed

After several legislative victories and a surge in popularity, the president is expected to be a frequent visitor on the campaign trail to help Democrats.

Satisfaction with Joe Biden’s policies increased from 37.9% to 41.9% within a month (an average from opinion polls), yet 53.3% of responders are still dissatisfied (57.2% a month ago).

Biden’s ratings have jumped after many months of record low support. Last week, his approval went up by four points to almost 42%.

This is due to a series of recent decisions, from the Senate-approved Inflation Reduction Act, which is also supposed to reform the economy in terms of climate protection. To positive economic news reports, e.g., falling gasoline prices, low unemployment and indications that inflation has somewhat slowed down, which let the Biden administration fend off arguments that the U.S. economy is in recession.

They Point Out Old Age

The president can also include approval of the operation to remove al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was killed by a precision strike from a U.S. drone. Biden has also recently signed the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, which authorizes assistance to veterans who have suffered injuries as a result of contact with toxic explosions, as well as the CHIPS and Science Act, which increases the competitiveness of American manufacturers in a semiconductor market dominated by China.

Support for Biden is still lower than it was for Donald Trump at the same time in his term. And definitely lower than the above-50% level that Biden enjoyed for the first seven months of his term, which was crushed by the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in August 2021. The 79-year-old Biden is also the oldest president in the history of the country, something which his opponents point out at every turn and is problematic even for Democrats.

Nevertheless, the jump in support for Biden is a small light at the end of the tunnel for him and the Democrats who are trying to maintain their majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate, where Democrats have a one-vote advantage, in the upcoming midterm elections. For the past year, Biden’s congressional candidates have had little chance because Republicans have kept a close eye on the Democrats and the president, blaming them for the economic problems caused by the pandemic and, above all, inflation. But now, after the recent string of successes by the president’s administration and Democrats and the negative overtones from the conservative Supreme Court’s June decision on abortion, Democrats are more in favor. According to the predictions of the polling experts from FiveThirtyEight, they even have a chance to expand their lead in the Senate, although they may lose it in the House of Representatives.

Hope and Optimism

President Biden is striking while the iron is hot. Taking advantage of this good streak, he plans to hit the campaign trail to help Democratic candidates in November’s election. Last week, at a Maryland Democratic National Committee rally before an enthusiastic crowd of more than 2,000, he delivered a rousing speech denouncing the “ultra-MAGA Republicans” and highlighting his administration’s successes, from the climate bill to gun control and the coronavirus pandemic to a stable job market. “The extreme MAGA Republicans have made their choice: to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate, and division. We’ve chosen a different path: forward, the future, unity, hope, and optimism. We choose to build a better America,” said Biden, who, according to the commentators, gave a foretaste of the level of aggression with which he intends to attack Republicans before the November election.

The president’s advisers are convinced that the recent drop in gasoline prices, control over coronavirus, the climate act or the student debt relief executive action will be Biden’s bargaining chip to help his party’s candidates. Strategists also believe that pointing fingers at the ”ultra-MAGA Republicans” and their weaknesses, at a time when the investigation into government documents that Trump illegally stored in Mar-a-Lago is underway, will help Biden to win over voters.

Something Is Rotten in the Country

By hitting the campaign trail and using his role as the head of the Democratic Party, Biden will have a difficult job to accomplish. Despite the recent spike in sympathy, almost three-quarters of voters think things are going badly in the country, and they blame it on the current administration.

It’s not just Republican voters who frown on Biden. Some Democrats are also distancing themselves from him. In July, Rep. Tim Ryan, a moderate Democrat from Ohio who is running for the Senate, refused to appear at a campaign rally with the president, explaining that he had other plans for the day. Several Democrats have distanced themselves from some of the president’s policy moves in recent months. A recent example is the student debt relief action, which did not please the moderate representatives of this party. They argue that it hurts those who have paid for their studies or paid off loans taken out for the duration of their studies and helps the most affluent Americans, not the most needy.

“A lot of this is how people see the race. Do they see it as a referendum on current conditions? Or do they see it as a choice between a productive governing party and an obstructive opposition?” said David Axelrod, former President Barack Obama’s political adviser, in an interview with The New York Times.

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