Tied to Frankenstein

It is notable that in the recent elections in the United States, the vote total favored the Republicans over the Democrats by 51.4% to 46.7%* for the first time in a long time. This reflects a profound unhappiness with the economy and with the state of things in general, but the Republicans hardly benefited from this.

Does this mean that the elections were rigged? No. Although in some cases there was a disconnect in the proportion of seats won to the numbers of voters, what is striking is the clear repudiation of the extremist candidates forced on the party by Donald Trump.

Some will say that these terrible candidates were chosen by the Republicans themselves in the primary elections, but this is not completely true.

The reality is that Trump, like all irresponsible demagogues, set in motion a mob of ignorant, resentful, primitive, xenophobic, racist and prejudiced people, believers in unreal conspiracies. There are scarcely any authentic Republicans in this mob, who, up until now, did not vote.

This riffraff has always been there; it’s just that they never before had a kingpin who became president of the United States and tried to get political legitimacy for them. Historically, they formed the U.S. Communist and Nazi parties; the Ku Klux Klan, which in the 1920s had a rally of 200,000 in Washington; and the “Know-Nothings,” an early xenophobic party in the 19th century.

In general, this mob of fanatics doesn’t know much about ideology, but they have found in this bizarre figure an outlet where they can vent their hatreds and prejudices.

This is a universal type, resentful and intolerant, who blames others and looks for enemies and conspiracies to justify their own weaknesses and failures. It is seen in all countries. The demagogues distract them with issues that are secondary or improvised, such as the regulation of abortion and guns, which are not a national priority or of political importance.

A lot of libertarians, victims of communism, and enemies of socialism and state interference in unwarranted areas put their hopes in Trump as a magnet to attract votes for their legitimate economic and political principles. But the reality is that the former president — with no ideological, ethical or moral principles — is a total disgrace, counterproductive for decent conservatism.

It has been a complete loss of face for those who sustain the libertarian ideals that traditional Republicanism promotes. Those who threw in their lot with this Frankenstein will now have to see how tightly they are tied to him.

*Editor’s Note: This statistic, though accurately translated, could not be verified.

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