Trump for Candidate!

Let’s take a moment to gather our courage during a time when courage is lacking.

There is not much to laugh about these days, which is why it is important to grab every available bull by the horns. In this case, the horns are somewhere between straw-yellow and orange — they say that the coloring varies depending on the lunar phase, humidity and the quality and quantity of popcorn consumed the previous evening. No? Nonsense? Good, then I was wrong. Just like I was wrong a little earlier when I wrote here that the orange man presented the greatest threat to American democracy.

At least it currently seems like that is not the case. One’s viewpoint can change so quickly. After the Republicans were forced to stomach midterm results that fell short of expectations, the people waiting eagerly for Donald Trump to announce his candidacy for president in 2024 included not just his loyal fans — do they still include Peter Thiel, employer of former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz? — but also Trumpophobes like Yours Truly. Forza Donaldo! Make America Great Again needs you! Just as urgently as it needs a chocolate teapot — thus the hope that Republican voters will stay home if he does in fact land the candidacy.

We have a long time until then and a lot can happen. But let’s take a moment to gather our courage during a time when courage is lacking. Everything has an end. But unlike the German saying, that applies to some sausages, too.

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