More Heroism!

We see two heroes. One young, one old. One is fighting for our freedom. The other is the leader of the free world.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden.

Their historical meeting in Washington shows the world the U.S. is standing absolutely and selflessly with Ukraine. Whatever the cost. Regardless of how Vladimir Putin rages. Regardless of what he threatens!

This courage and clarity must also become the basis of German politics. We must be able to defy any Kremlin leader.

It shouldn’t matter to us what they think or could think in Moscow. Only one thing should guide us: What will help our friends and allies?

Our fight can only be for one thing: Freedom. In Germany and in Europe!

But it is the U.S. (once again) that is defending these values for us Europeans.

It would be shameful if we also left this U.S. president to go it alone.

We need more heroism!

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