Republicans in Congress: Nothing But Chaos — Thankfully

If quarreling Republicans can still agree on one thing, it is their desire to create chaos.

What are going to be the most important issues in the next two years? If you judge by the decisions that Republicans are going to make with their majority in the House of Representatives, you can imagine they will include removing metal detectors at the entrance to the Capitol, investigations into the laptop of the president’s son Hunter Biden and maybe even impeachment proceedings against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. It’s true that impeachment of Mayorkas would be unsuccessful in the Democrat-controlled Senate, but this list demonstrates that if quarreling Republicans can still agree on one thing, it is their desire to create chaos and paint the Democrats in a bad light.

It will not likely be possible to achieve more than that. And even if the House of Representatives has not been a democratic utopia in the last few years, there have never been so many members of Congress who understand the word compromise merely as hearsay and view it as a dirty word. It will take an extreme effort to make decisions like aid to Ukraine and budget allocations possible.

The fact that Republicans cannot even agree on who should be speaker hints at what is still to come — or what, when it comes to legislative progress, will no longer be possible. However, what is most telling about the situation in the U.S. is the recognition that we should still be thankful for the coming stalemate.

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