Katsutoshi Kawano Speech: ‘US-Japan Deterrence, Pressing Issues’ in the Taiwan Strait Crisis

On March 22, the 61st lecture meeting of the Gunma “Seiron” Konwakai discussion forum was held at the Maebashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hiyoshi, Maebashi City. Former Chief of Staff, Joint Staff Katsutoshi Kawano gave a lecture titled “The Reality of the Taiwan Strait Crisis.”

Regarding the U.S.-China antagonism, Kawano pointed out that it “intensified after the second half of the Trump administration.” Moreover, he noted that in view of China’s military strategy, Taiwan is within the first archipelago that connects to the Philippines from the Nansei Islands. Kawano stressed that “From China’s perspective, the issue of Taiwan, a critical way station, must be resolved, and discussions must not be taken lightly.”

Speaking about the possibility of a Taiwan crisis, the “most dangerous period” will be from Taiwan’s presidential election in 2024 until Chinese President Xi Jinping’s third presidential term expires in 2027. “In order to prevent Xi’s administration from invading Taiwan, the pressing issues are that Japan must strengthen its defensive capabilities, and a fortified system to increase U.S.-Japan deterrence ability must be built,” Kawano stated, among other points that he raised.

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