Biden’s Slip-Up, Trump’s Gain

The latest chapter in U.S. President Joe Biden’s mishap-filled history came on Friday. In his speech in Connecticut, the 80-year-old Democrat discussed the need for tougher gun control laws.

He closed by saying “God save the Queen!” to the audience. It is unclear why he said this and whether he was referring to the late British monarch Queen Elizabeth II. The cryptic clarification given by the White House, that Biden was commenting to someone in the crowd, was even more puzzling.

It is difficult to shrug off this episode as an amusing slip-up. Biden has gotten muddled and caused confusion too many times. Too many times, he has wobbled, stumbled and fallen to the ground. Yet he casually brushes aside claims that he is too old or not fit enough to be president. And evidently, even top Democrats have been unable to convince their president that this is the case.

Every Biden gaffe is a win for his opponents, not least Donald Trump.

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