Psychosis on the Border

Despite the fact that there is an enormous distance between Mexico and Israel — 7,767 miles — the recent outbreak of violence in the Middle East has already impacted the border between our country and the United States.

Republican politicians of different calibers (but also, take note, the FBI itself) are warning about the possibility, some say the imminence, of terrorists infiltrating the United States through Mexico to harm American civilians.

It is not clear whether it is just political propaganda or a psychosis spreading by the hour, but what is certain is that the cast of border villains is growing. There are no longer only undocumented migrants and cartel gunmen, but now there are terrorists.

The crisis is escalating and will deteriorate day by day over the weeks to come. Republicans now have more ammunition to demand rigorous border enforcement and, if necessary, incursions into Mexico.

The situation at the border is bad. It will get worse.

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