Difficult Times for America’s Allies

Joe Biden can promise a lot. Without Congress, his warm words are worth little — and parochial thinking dominates there. Both Ukraine and Israel deserve better.

America’s allies, especially those who are dependent on direct aid from Washington, are going through difficult times. President Joe Biden assures Ukraine and Israel that America stands firmly by their side; however, without Congress, Biden cannot do anything more than make promises.

Many in Congress have always had their own constituency in mind first and the wider world and America’s position in it only second or third. However, parochial thinking had not been as prominent as it is now until recently. This is also a legacy of Donald Trump’s ignorance of global politics, but he is not to blame for everything.

America Won’t Become ‘Great’ Like This

A new speaker must now distinguish himself in the House of Representatives; aid for Ukraine could initially fall victim to his finger exercises. However, Israel must also worry. The aid passed by the House for the country attacked by the terrorist organization Hamas is tied to domestic political conditions that fit the sometimes very bizarre worldview of many Republicans, but which contradict the interests of America, which they supposedly want to make “great” again.

In this respect, Biden’s Democrats are also not beyond all reproach. America’s allies deserve better than these Washington elites.

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