Stop Arming Taiwan To Promote Peaceful Reunification?

During his meeting with Joe Biden last week, Xi Jinping denied having a so-called plan to attack Taiwan in 2027 or 2035. While this might be a slap in the face of those in the Kuomintang and Taiwan People’s Party who are actively pushing a theory about war, Xi urged the Americans to demonstrate concretely that they do not support “Taiwan independence” and will “stop arming Taiwan.” Meanwhile, Biden sang the same old tune, saying that the U.S. One-China policy will not change. This has been enough for the Chinese Communist Party to amuse itself by playing with a war-peace strategy, along with various collaborators, to shape an environment favorable to the invasion and annexation of Taiwan, which is somewhat worrying.

With China’s rise in hegemony, the U.S. has paid attention in recent years to situations in the Indo-Pacific, such as those in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, and has focused on strengthening Taiwan’s self-defense capabilities. Xi proposed that the U.S. “stop arming Taiwan” and then “support China in its peaceful reunification.” This is his treatment of Taiwan, especially at a moment when a coalition between the KMT and TPP is moving in a favorable direction. The American Institute in Taiwan called Ko Wen-je, concerned about whether this coalition was caused by China interfering in the election. I’m afraid the waters running beneath this situation are murkier than imagined.

America’s One-China policy has not changed, and the U.S. opposes any side unilaterally changing the status quo. It hopes for a peaceful resolution to cross-strait differences because peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are in the world’s interest. Over the years, this kind of innocuous talk has allowed the CCP to take advantage and given the CCP and KMT room to manipulate suspicion of the U.S. Isn’t the current situation in the Taiwan Strait that Taiwan is independent of the People’s Republic of China? However, if many sides brag about unity, which will allow China to rule as “One China,” Russia, China and North Korea will join in creating international chaos that will evolve into a conflict between the U.S. and China.

At a moment when global conflicts are growing, the meeting between Biden and Xi signaled that the U.S. and China are trying to shift strategies, using softer tactics to avoid trouble in the Asia-Pacific. The CCP, which is skilled at making large-scale plans, of course has plans for Taiwan, and the U.S. has recommitted to providing weapons to Taiwan. However, America’s China policy seems to have been finely tuned, and what the U.S. will do in the future is unknown. America’s election next year is currently chaotic, somethingthe CPP is using to its advantage. All parties involved in the Taiwan Strait should deal with the situation more cautiously.

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