Warnings of War Are No Lie, Taiwan Faces Choice

The campaign for Taiwan’s general election is currently in full swing, with the Kuomintang, the current opposition party, positioning this election as a choice between “peace and war.” If one wants to avoid war, one must choose the 1992 Consensus. Parties from the mainland have once again emphasized that “Taiwan independence means war” and that “Taiwan independence workers are war makers.”

The Democratic Progressive Party, which previously liked to promote a sense of impending national annihilation, went against the norm this time and opposed characterizing this election as a choice between “war and peace,” even accusing the opposition of being alarmist. Robert Manning, a senior fellow at the Stimson Center, an American think tank, also recently said that the mainland’s statement that “Taiwan independence means war”* is an exaggeration.

Alarmist? Exaggeration? Who is being self-contradictory? Earlier, Yao Liming, chairman of Lai Qingde’s campaign headquarters, pointed out that Zhao Shaokang, KMT vice presidential candidate, had talked about war very early, saying, “In which election did he not shout about it?” Using only a few words, however, Zhao silenced Yao while being interviewed. Zhao said that the idea that war may break out in Taiwan was said by the United States and suggested that Yao ask Lai again.

During the eight years since the Democratic Progressive Party has been in power, cross-strait relations have deteriorated and war in the Taiwan Strait has loomed. Lai claims that he is peaceful, but four months as a soldier in Taiwan has turned into one year and the military budget of New Taiwan $300 billion has turned into New Taiwan $600 billion. What is this for?!

“Taiwan independence means war.” This is the clear bottom line drawn by the mainland. There is no war in the Taiwan Strait today and there may not be one in the future, but as long as the goal of “Taiwan independence” has not been given up and the pursuit of “Taiwan independence” continues, it means that war alarms will continue to sound and the mainland must continue to prepare for conflict.

The 2024 Taiwan general election is a choice between “war and peace.” The warning is no lie and the red line cannot be crossed. The mainland is strongly aware of the crisis regarding the Taiwan Strait issue and now Taiwanese voters are faced with a choice.

*Editor’s Note: This quote, though accurately translated, could not be independently verified.

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