Battle over Future Plans

U.S. President Joe Biden is right to oppose a possible one-state solution in the Middle East.

Joe Biden’s public push for a two-state solution is filled with desperation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s veiled “no” was hardly surprising to the American president. Netanyahu’s skepticism, Israel’s planned military responsibility in the Gaza Strip and the lack of acceptance of the Palestinian Authority as a possible partner don’t bode well.

Furthermore, it fuels fears that after the defensive war against Hamas in Israel, those forces will prevail in Israel that, for a long time, have not only wanted to take more land in Palestine through the settlement policy in the West Bank, but also strive for an Israel spanning from the Jordan River to the sea.

Biden is right to oppose this possible one-state solution. It would allow resistance in neighboring states to grow, increasing the risk of a conflagration. For this reason, Germany and other European Union countries should support Biden in his political initiative.

The controversial Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should also campaign for this; unfortunately though, he holds back, which plays into Netanyahu’s hands.

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