United States May Be Worried Taiwan Independence Forces May Continue To Be in Power

With the breakdown of the blue and white coalition, the three parties of blue, green and white are firmly set for the 2024 Taiwan elections. It is expected that the possibility of the Democratic Progressive Party, which advocates for Taiwan’s independence, continuing to stay in power will greatly increase, along with uncertainty in the development of cross-strait relations. Many people are worried that the situation in the Taiwan Strait will become more serious.

The tension between China and the United States in recent years, as well as the formation and intensification of the Taiwan Strait standoff, is closely related to the separatist activities of Taiwan independence forces on the island and the continued efforts by external forces, such as the United States, to persist in playing the Taiwan card, using Taiwan to contain China. The situation in which each exploits the other, as other Taiwan independence forces “rely on the United States to seek independence” and external forces “use Taiwan to contain China,” will not be easy to change and will be one of the major variables in developing Chinese-U.S. relations.

However, the Taiwan issue is the most important and sensitive issue in Chinese-U.S. relations. At a time when Chinese-U.S. relations are beginning to warm and with the United States now needing China in many respects, they may not want to see the Taiwan issue become a factor undermining the stability and development of Chinese-U.S. relations. This is also the reason why Chinese-U.S. interactions have warmed in the past six months, as the United States is actively seeking to improve the relationship with China, and why Joe Biden reiterated his adherence to the One-China policy, did not express support for Taiwan independence and emphasized the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait at the recent meeting between the Chinese and U.S. presidents.

From this perspective, the United States may not be happy to see, or may even be worried about, the Democratic Progressive Party continuing to be in power after Taiwan’s 2024 election, as it advocates for Taiwan’s independence.

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