A Nightmare for Ukraine

If U.S. President Biden does not get his aid package for Kyiv through Congress and Washington is not able to deliver any more weapons to Ukraine by the end of the year, the consequences will be dramatic.

Will Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s nightmare come true? Will the U.S. not provide additional aid and weapons to the country invaded by Russia at the end of the year? It hasn’t come to that yet.

But U.S. President Joe Biden corrected himself. Though he said a year ago that the U.S. will support Ukraine for as long as necessary, he has now said it will do so for as long as it can. We can only hope that this new wording will encourage Republicans in Congress to approve the funds for Kyiv.

If they maintain their stance, this will have dramatic consequences. Without aid from Washington, the Zelenskyy government would not be able to fight the war against the Russian army for much longer. In any case, Germany and the other EU countries are not capable of filling the void. Maybe they are in a financial sense, but not in a military one.

The consequences are impossible to foresee. The only thing that is certain is that Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin would be delighted and feel emboldened to continue his aggressive policy. It would probably also be the end of the West, which would continue to lose influence. And China could take the gloves off as far as Taiwan is concerned.

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